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Customized flight booking software for airlines. Achieve improved user experience and higher bookings at lower technology costs with an airline management system. Build an efficiency layer between your current PSS and native channels with the airlines ticketing software. User friendly front-end design on the airlines booking system. Access real-time data and customize offers to attract leads. Platform customized for your PSS. Airline technology to boost bookings and reduce cost. Increase sales on popular flight booking sites.

  • Overcome High Technology Cost
  • Typically PSS platforms charge per message hits or API calls. This results into overall very high technology cost for the Airlines. Our Platform minimizes this gap by 30% . This is done by adding an additional custom layer between PSS and booking channels.

  • Customize UI/UX
  • It is possible to have a user friendly customized front end design of the booking system and website unlike PSS platforms where only templates have to be followed. This helps in direct conversions from the website.

  • Live Data Access
  • Kapture provides easy and real time access to data captured at multiple levels of booking to help plan marketing campaigns better and customize offers and promotions based on user pattern.

PSS Integration
  • PSS Integration
  • Our Booking platform can seamlessly integrate with your current PSS systems like Amadeus or Sabre through a custom layer . We offer a customized solution and integrate with any third party systems.