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The hype is real.

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How can a CRM help in managing social media tickets?

Social CRM: The social Customer relationship management software is nothing but a CRM which has social media channels integrated into them. Social CRM is used by businesses looking to optimize service levels and the multi-channel customer experience. It can help businesses get the basics of customer service right. Responding seamlessly in the way that suits the customer best will have a positive effect on customer relations.

What does it do?

In Sales: Most businesses use primitive techniques to collect leads or enquiries from various social media websites. The search for the suitable software to bridge this existing gap led to the creation of the Social CRM. It acts as a standalone social analytics tool and consolidates leads from multiple social media sites and stores them in a unified inbox. Agents can start attending these leads who are converted to tickets based on priority. The collected leads can be nurtured to be converted sales. The whole journey of the lead can be viewed through the sales funnel. The sales funnel can give insights about where the business should invest more and improve.

Customer service: The social CRM helps the service team handle queries better and deliver a prompt multi-channel customer experience. The main goal here is to achieve exponentially better service with faster query resolution times. The creative ad campaigns that are run through social media making your customer base aware of services are being rendered while letting them know what to expect in a specific industry. The instant feedback nature of social media has made customers intolerant towards delays in service. So, the social service CRM makes sure that all tickets are attended and the customers’ expectations are met.

Marketing:Run efficient marketing campaigns through the dashboard and get accurate analysis so that you know which aspects of the business you need to refine and improve. Use custom pre-set templates to send updates, personal greetings, invoices and obtain insights from customer interactions while actively building your brand has a trust worthy reputation while ensuring increased reach and visibility.

What are the benefits of social CRM?

The social CRM will help your business establish a brand by providing excellent service. It also has adverse positive effects on the business as follows:
  • Directly deliver customer support to social media platforms through chats.
  • Businesses can engage with the customers live.
  • Swift query resolution by monitoring comments, reviews and ratings.
  • Reward customers for brand loyalty with offers and discounts.
  • Get more eyeballs on your business.
  • Build a sense of accountability towards your customers.


A social CRM is absolutely essential for any growing business in the year 2019. This was evident when major businesses started making an effort to maximize their social standing and reach. Cover all your social media bases when running a thriving business by making sure your business has a reputable online presence which will drastically improve the quality of customer service, increase in sales and customer retention rates.

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Businesses have been finding new ways to integrate social media into boosting the company’s reach and social standing in the world wide web. Let’s find out if the hype surrounding social CRM is legitimate or not.