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Gone are the days when Businesses were focused only on sales and displayed less empathy towards those who consumed their products and services. Today, nobody takes a second look at Businesses that deliver low quality service or have products on the shelf that offer less than promised.

The dialogue between a Consumer and a Business is becoming increasingly interpersonal and unless companies add a humane touch to conversations with prospects, the chances of scaling up are almost zero.

And the fact that customers today don’t stick to one mode of communication to get in touch with a Business, good customer service in the present times means bringing together all customer interactions on one unified channel.

This Service Hub Page is a specially curated repository that acts as a go-to place for Service Content. The articles on this page are unlike any you will find on the website and are focused on detailing how the Customer Service scenario is evolving at an uncontrollable pace thanks to the emergence of new and improved technologies.

The goal here is to educate readers about how the newest technology can be roped into Customer Service and how to put modern-day best practices into motion in order to offer exceptional Service to anyone who engages with the Business.

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