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5 Crucial Steps on the Road to Service Automation

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Service Automation isn’t rocket science, instead its the need of the hour with Business and Customer Service. Service Automation is your Holy Grail to providing the kind of Customer Service expected and demanded of by any Business in the Digital Space. Businesses struggling to achieve high Satisfaction Ratings from Customers will find that Automation is their key to bringing down response time and improving the quality of interactions occuring between customers and a service representative.

In the current scenario, Businesses can’t afford to miss a single customer interaction, let alone offer low quality, feeble fixes to customer queries. The slightest discrepancy can be seen and leveraged by competitors as a major shortcoming in the Level of Service provided by the Business. Service Automation eliminates roadblocks to providing exceptional Service and the following steps will help you set up intelligent Automation :

1. Setting up Automation Rules:

To set up Service Automation, you need Automation Rules. Automation Rules map inbound queries with the right action. Automation Rules are many and varied including Priority, Routing, and Auto Responder Rules. Setting them up is the first crucial step towards streamlined Service Automation.

2.Using Helpdesk Software:

A Helpdesk Software is a must-have on the road to effective automation. A Helpdesk Software captures every single customer interaction coming your way and ensures that no query is missed. A Helpdesk Software is your tool to providing quality service across several touch points.

3. Check your Online Reputation:

On the road to Service Automation, maintaining a positive reputation on social platforms is vital for creating a desirable brand reputation on the web. The best places to build and maintain positive online reputation include QA forums, review sites, and social media platforms.

4. Raise Customer Dollar Value:

Every customer has an associated dollar value and the goal of businesses on the road to service automation is to increase this dollar value. This is possible when a customer support software is used to raise customer satisfaction ratings. When satisfaction ratings improve, Dollar Value automatically increases.

5. Turn Feedback into Reports:

The final step towards service automation is to collect feedback received and turn them into reports through a Service Platform. You will need a review collection mechanism in place to store and manage feedback received.