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3 Must-Have Service Centre Technologies

Predictive Analytics

Contact centre or service centre managers always have a full plate with so many things to manage and micro-manage while ensuring that every customer experience follows the highest quality standards.

Here are just a few things that service centre management entails:

  • Optimize operational costs.
  • Maintain consistent service experience for every customer.
  • Monitor performance of service agents.
  • Provide tools to service agents to reduce repetitive/manual tasks.
  • Ensure all issues are resolved within SLA.

Is it really possible for service centre managers to stay one step ahead of everything that needs their attention?

Here’s a list of service centre management strategies that will help you manage a profitable service centre for your business:

1. Task Management:

Even if you have 100+ agents overworking themselves to clear a growing task list, the end result will be futile if tasks on priority are not dealt with first.

By assigning priority to tasks and categorizing them, your service centre can always stay ahead of itself, ensuring that the most important tasks are not missed.

Here are a few ways to prioritize tasks:

  • Assign high, medium, low priority.
  • Colour code priorities with RED for high priority tasks on the verge of missing SLA.

Here are a few ways to categorize tasks:

  • Email tasks
  • Follow-ups
  • Chat tasks, and more.

2. Ticket Analysis:

If you are a service centre manager, you need to think analytically in order to provide better service and automate tasks that take up a lot of time and effort.

Ticket analysis will give you the ability to think analytically.

Ticket analysis consists of:

  • Source-wise analysis of tickets: Graphical data analysis of service tickets from various sources like social media, phone, email, chat, etc.
  • Status-wise analysis: Pending, assigned, and completed data on tickets.

3. Automate ticket assignment:

When there’s a massive in-flow of tickets, it’s impossible for service managers to be aware of agents who are available and assign tickets to the right agents.

With automated ticket assignment, incoming tickets are routed to:

  • The relevant service department.
  • Agents who are available.
  • Agents who are specialized in resolving specific issues.


Service centre management depends mainly on the service software used. Invaluable technology like Task Automation will take service centres in the right direction towards growth.