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How to run world calls sales looping patterns to get past objections

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Until and unless you’ve been hit with your first objection during a sales presentation, the sale has not begun. It may seem like roses and lilies until then, but when your prospect begins to question your product – the real selling begins.

Objections are something that can actually enhance your ability to close the prospect. Really? Yes really, because objections are just smokescreens for the real issue why a prospect hasn’t made a purchase yet because he is still uncertain about you, your product and it’s promise to solve all his problems.

Usually when you’ve wrapped up your presentation, you’d get three types of answers from your prospect, when you ask for the order;

  1. Yes – Meaning he’s in.
  2. No – Meaning it’s a cold lead.
  3. Maybe – Meaning the prospect is still on the fence on whether or not to commit to a purchase.


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Using a standard two call system, let’s say your close rate was about 30% , which means you close 3 out of every 10 prospects you can get on the phone the second time. In such a case you would need a strong reengagement sequence to re start the conversation with a prospect you are following up with.

You would need to spend at least a minute re-establishing the rapport you created in the first call.

Let’s say you were a stockbroker selling stocks, here’s a re-engagement script that you can use on your second call to the prospect.

YOU – Hi, is Bill there.
BILL – Yes,
YOU - Hey, Bill. It’s John Smith calling from
XYZ securities. How are you Bill?
BILL – I’m Fine.

YOU - Now, Bill if you remember last week you had asked me to call you back regarding this incredible opportunity to invest in brand new stocks that have been way underpriced than they should Be. I’d like to share this with you. Got a Minute?


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Now that you’ve established rapport, you need to run your first looping sequence on every objection that the prospect throws at you.

For example the customer said;

Prospect – It sounds good, let me check with my accountant and get back to you.

You respond with,

YOU – I hear what you are saying, but tell me bill does idea make sense to you.

What you’re doing hear is telling the prospect you’ve heard his objection and are willing to sympathize with him, but does he think that the investment in your product is a good idea. Usually for the closeable prospects the answer would be yes. If they answer yes – you then re pitch the sales presentation you made in the first call, because most likely the prospect has forgotten all about your product by now.

By doing this, it will be possible to see the real smoke screen that is blocking a purchase.


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With every objection that you surpass, two things happen;

  1. The prospect’s Emotional Certainty increases.
  2. With the emotional certainty increasing – the prospect begins to logically convince himself.

Here’s a sample close script;

YOU – So Bill if I put you in XYZ stock at 4$ apiece and then take you out at about 20$ apiece, wouldn’t that be worth the investment.

PROSPECT – Absolutely.

YOU – So Bill, this is what I want you to do. I’d like you to pick 100 shares of XYZ stock at 4$ apiece and from there on, I’ll pull you out at 20 $ giving you an X percent profit on just an x percent investment.

PROSPECT – Sounds Good.

Here you need to ask for the order outright, no tip toing, no partially asking, straight out tell the prospect to purchase.

Here is a chance that the prospect would throw another objection at you, when he does that loop back to the script that says;

YOU – I hear what you are saying, but tell me Bill does idea make sense to you.

As you continue to run looping patterns – the certainty level increases and the odds of you closing the prospect would be higher than ever before.