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Manage real-time project availability charts of sold and blocked units with different sizes and configurations, and check the status of developed / under construction / future projects. Also, keep a tab on estimated completion dates, floor plans, cost sheets, etc.


Easily share information across departments and teams, and make it possible for your employees to use their expertise to manage projects and clients in a better way. Cloud integrations ensure that all members can avail data at a moment’s notice through our mobile CRM software.


Our platform comes with a task management tool to create and assign tasks to your internal teams, set reminders so that no quality lead is lost, create buckets for your leads based on their status and maintain history of conversations.


Whenever an agent is in doubt about a project or a property listing, they can easily refer to a centralized knowledge base within the real estate CRM. Keep track of property details, such as locations, furnished status, past occupancies, neighborhood activities, etc.


Give your agents full control over their workflows with content privileges and accessibility. Personal notes and confidential data can be restricted to individuals or entire teams to make sure that project leaks are avoided.


Establish logical relationships between your tasks and milestones. Once such dependencies are established; for example modifying one task can automatically change the start/end dates for other tasks in the project.


Finish more tasks on time and identify which ones are getting dangerously close to being overdue. Supervisors can allocate how much time should be spent on each task and then track actual time spent completing them with a real estate management software.


Add a checklist to a project and follow its progress point-by-point, which is extremely convenient when a project involves several steps. Participants in the project can add points to the checklist and easily mark their completion. Now a quick glance is all you need to see the exact status of an ongoing task.


Automate regular chores and recurring work routines, which are ideal for repeating business processes, such as hiring/terminating employees, onboarding new clients or starting new projects. Tasks can be scheduled to repeat in any time interval within the real estate CRM.


Make use of workgroups that contains social networking and organizational tools needed to optimize operations and improve the efficiency of your communications. Each group is like a miniature intranet that not only stores important files and data, but also serves as a platform for discussions, tasks, tracking, and planning.