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Real Time Geo Locations

Get a clear view of all your available property listings with an interactive map and real-time database syncing. This makes it easier to plan site visits keeping distance and transport.

Geo location tracking Mobile CRM Software

Agent Mapping

You can also get a bird’s eye view of your team’s or agent’s real time location while handling multiple projects at various locations. This can help in assigning leads according to their current location.

Check In/Check Out

Kapture CRM app allows you to check in and check out once you have attended to your client. You can send minutes and important project details from your phone.

Send Quotes, Project Plans from Mobile App

You can save floor plans, project brochures, quotation templates and other important details and can share with your prospects instantly from the mobile phone.

Daily Plans and Reports

Sales team can send their reports and daily plans from the mobile phone. Kapture mobile app works even when there is no internet and data can be synced once you have internet coverage.