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Unit Inventory

Check inventory of various projects instantly with rates, floor plans and specifications. View which properties are either sold, booked or overdue, right from a central dashboard with real time Geo Location.

CRM Software For Inventory Mangement In Real Estate

Payment Schedule & Status

Streamline your payments and collections by creating and storing a detailed payment schedule within the real estate CRM for each stage of payments and across multiple projects. Automatically send intimation emails to your customers to remind them about due payments.

Rates and Tax Structures

Track the status of completed and pending payments with options to set payment types like EMIs, cheque, cash, etc. Configure Tax structures, rates as per floor plans, area etc. State optional pricing plans like club house, maintenance, parking.

Real Estate Agreements and Document Management CRM Software

Manage Documents & Agreements

Save important documents, templates and agreement copies in cloud without worrying about storage space. You can share status of agreement with customers via auto mails. Also retrieve any information anytime.

Assign Relationship Managers

Based on customer type, project classify and assign relationship managers. Make sure your most valued & loyal customers get the right attention.