Product Management


Product information in a jiffy

Streamline and manage all products from a unified dashboard.

Organize and centralize all your product management responsibilities on a single platform – Kapture product management software. By managing your entire products portfolio through the product management app, you can ensure that your products get introduced to your customers and receive maximum visibility.

Manage and sell your products in a simple interface

Kapture product management tools simplify the way your products are displayed and sold to your customers. The Mobility system enables you to showcase your products, collect orders and streamline delivery through a single unified platform.

  1. Easy product portfolio management
  2. Streamline distributor-retailer network
  3. View available stocks across distribution points
  4. Collect orders
  5. Track product delivery
  6. Assign and approve orders

Kapture CRM product management enables you to maintain an updated product portfolio across your retail network. Also, derive a product management strategy to sell your products at the every possible location.

Product catalogue

A dynamic catalogue that’s always updated

Create and manage a product management strategy with complete parent and child categories. Add important metadata such as descriptions, media attachments, quantities, etc. so that data is easy to understand.

Product Management software dashboard
Rate Card Dashboard

Rate cards

Easier way to manage Custom Orders

Start offering your customers custom packages based on special discounts and custom tax rates through adapting preset standard rate cards. This product management tools facilitates easier order-taking and smarter invoices.

Stock and SKUs

Easy individual product management

Add SKUs for each of your products in the catalogue so that their data is easier to recall. The product management tool lets you successfully monitor and update the available stocks across the retail touch points. Now make it easier to provide the right product to the right consumer!

Stock And SKU Dashboard
Media FIles Dashboard

Media files

Because pictures say it better

Replace your text-only product catalogue with rich multimedia files such as images, videos, etc. Improve your chances of making larger new orders based on an easy-to-use product database.

Mobile view

Manage your orders on Mobile

With Kapture’s cloud CRM software, remotely access rate structures, packages, deals and offers. The mobile CRM app can deliver information instantly and enhance your order-taking ability.

Mobile CRM app Order Management
Offers and Promotions Dashboard

Offers and promotions

Create and manage promotional offers

Instant updates for real progress Keep your agents informed about exclusive product offers, promotions and schemes in real-time. Changes in product information and pricing can be reflected in the CRM dashboard through the cloud.