Explore Endless Possibilities Using Travel CRM Software

Kapture More Leads and Personalize Packages Using Travel Management Software

Consolidate all enquiry channels across all properties and packages collectively into a single inbox which is easily accessible. All the enquiries from various platforms like booking engines, travel partner sites and mails can be classified into one unified inbox. Most of the recurring tasks can be automated with Kapture CRM, giving you all the solutions for all the needs of your industry.

Website/Booking Engine

Kapture CRM's web integration funnels all enquiries from websites, booking engines and advertisements to understand which travel packages are the most popular. You can also get insights on which source generates the most number of enquiries.

Calls & Emails

With seamless integration with your cloud telephony partners, get the most out of the leads generated through calls, emails from your sales ids and toll free numbers while recording all their status in real time.

Billboards, Print media and Expos

Calls generated from media outlets, posters, banners and billboards can be recorded with detail and made accessible through the unified dashboard. Your offline marketing initiatives require a lot of organization so that you know which offline marketing initiatives are the most lucrative.

Social Media

Facebook comments, wall post, tweets, Instagram comments, bring all your social media channels together and funnel the enquiries into your inbox. You can even evaluate your ad campaigns so that you get an insight about where to invest next.

Multiple Channels
Head Office Tree
Create a central hub for all your enquiries

Give access to your sub offices to enquiries specifically meant for them while you get a macro view of all the enquiries within each of your sub offices. Track which of your sub offices is more productive and set targets for each of your sub offices to motivate and boost business. With constant insights all from a single dashboard, always keep your teams on their toes. This way you can avoid any of the unwanted expenses.

Faster Enquiry Management
Faster Enquiry
Lead qualification and lead scoring

Never lose any enquiry from any source on pre-set conditions like location, themes, packages or any custom requirements. Kapture provides an overview of all the enquiries so that you can classify them as hot, warm and cold and assign teams to tackle them accordingly.

Assign and auto assign leads

Assign package enquiries based on location and specific customer needs. Auto assign various tasks to various teams and delegate responsibility with ease. By assigning enquiries based on priorities, your teams can handle them better.

Sales Funnel

Actively track the status of all your enquiries and monitor them through each stage of the sales funnel till it gets converted. Customize your own sales funnel and watch your leads move through the funnel step by step.

Create and send travel packages from the CRM

Create your own custom packages quickly & directly from the CRM. It’s a basic form filling feature which lets you add all your travel information to create detailed travel packages within seconds. You can also create and send custom itinerary templates to send to your clients.

Auto-Assign enquiries to teams
Instant mobile notifications to teams
Mail templates ( packages, itineraries, bookings, invoices)
Auto send emails based on set triggers
Create Custom packages within each enquiry
Generate invoices with one click

Automate tasks such as email exchanges and booking requests and let your sales team focus on bringing in just more business. From acknowledgement mails to itineraries to package details to invoices, let Kapture’s efficient enquiry management system handle everything with ease. Get a detailed page for each enquiry and keep a tab on all necessary details like customer details, package details, source of enquiry and past interactions on that single page. With payment gateway links embedded in your emails you can allow the customer to make payments instantly.

From Enquiries to Bookings

Watch your enquiries move through the stages of sales funnel and lead towards final booking stage. The booking page with necessary details about the package, trip, travelers and itinerary allows the team members to make necessary hotel/ flight bookings against the same. Access all tickets, receipts and other documents pertaining to each trip from the same booking page.

From Enquires
Traveler 360 on your finger tips

Kapture’s contact manager classifies your guests and profiles them as individuals, agents or corporate entities. Consolidate all your customer information on a unified dashboard.

Customer Account

A customer account is auto created whenever a new enquiry is made with primary contact details. This makes the job for the travel agents a lot easier.


Safely store all important documents like passports and ID’s pertaining to each customer within their own account.

Customer Interactions and History

With access to previous interactions with each customer, improve customer relations by having all relevant information at your fingertips which makes the whole process quicker and smoother.

Greetings and customized Mailers

Customers can be wished on holidays and events and also be sent custom holiday packages by mailers. All these bulk actions can be automated which saves a lot of time and resources.

Manage memberships

Auto send periodic fee reminders to members for membership renewals. This gives you insights about customer holiday patterns with the help of Kapture analytics which will enable your sales team to sell more.