Take Advantage of Service CRM Features to Improve Efficiency of Customer Support

Kapture uses its smart features to ensure that customer relations are consistently improving


Track, assign and strategize effectively with real time lead management.

Auto Assign

Tickets are automatically assigned to the available agents.

SLAs & Escalations

Set response time according to SLA Policies and the Escalation matrix assures that every ticket is unattended.

Response templates

Set Predefined templates for common quires.

Social media

Convert comments, quires and messages from social media into tickets and solve them.

Multi Channel

Tickets from multiple sources can be easily accessed by agents
in one dashboard and provide quicker solutions.

Email, Call/Phone and Chat

Consolidate queries or tickets and provide solutions for all in one unified dashboard.

Social Media and Website

Converts comments, messages and tweets into queries from all your social media platforms and also gather enquiries from website.

Customer 360

Access your customer information like name, phone number, address, email, interactions and purchase history.

Agents and call tracker

Track agents and calls made by them while
strategizing to maximize quality of customer support efficiently.

Performance Data

Track the performance of all your employees and hold them accountable to high standards.

Interactions History

Automatically record all the calls and interactions made by your agents to assess the agents performance.

Shift Roster

Schedule and manage shifts of the employees to improve efficiency and workflow.

Knowledge Base

An accessible database can help you
create FAQs as well as training future employees.

Self Service

A self-service feature lets customers handle similar queries themselves.

Interactive Flow Chart

Create customized flow charts to let agents handle complex queries.

Content Collaboration

Create a database of articles, FAQs, blogs and train employees better.


Use smart API integrations for a smarter business.

Cloud Telephony

Integrate Cloud Telephony API and answer, record & call all through the dashboard.

Logistics Partner

Integrate with your logistical partners to provide real time updates to your agents.


Over 500+ API integration to making a business run smooth and fast.

Third Party Portal

Works seamlessly with existing third party services.


With customized reports and customizable
parameters, make your business more accountable and efficient.

Build Custom Reports

Get valuable Insights of every day sales activity with customized parameters.

Share Reports

Share reports in different file formats and keep your teams updated with periodic reports to assist them in strategizing.

Advanced Analytics Reports

Get detailed reports about all your business operations to gain valuable insights.