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Less Waiting. More Solutions.

Give your customers the choice of quickly resolving problems. Create a self-help section where they may describe their problems and submit a service request. Create keyword-based auto-responses for inquiries and direct your consumers to the appropriate department.


Help Us Help You

Quick solutions for repetitive queries
Provide instant answers to FAQs

Assist customers in taking steps to identify simple answers on their own. Provide a ‘Customer self-help section’ so customers may select a concern from a listing and browse to an answer based on the options provided. Connect them to the appropriate answer pages or delegate the task to an agent.

Let your customers take action
Allow customers to act on the moment

Customers should be able to make modifications to their existing orders and receive updates on them. Allow them to change the delivery slot, address, and other details. Allow them to cancel an order altogether and be alerted of the preconfigured ticket.

Customers stay up-to-date always
Keep customers informed

Help customers find your product or service`s tariffs, plans, and other data. Make crucial statements about your company`s latest news, innovative features, and other vital releases.

Automated chat for improved query resolution
Enhanced query resolution using intelligent chat

Leverage the power of AI chat to assist clients in finding practical responses to their issues. With the Kapture AI chatbot, you can create a dynamic interface that can respond to clients based on their questions. Quick automated responses can point clients in the proper direction.

Engage your customers in an interactive forum

When customers are looking for solutions, use discussion boards to engage them. Encourage them to form healthy, engaged relationships with one another, allowing them to join and assist one another in achieving goals. As a reference guide, make the "Frequently Asked Questions" available to them.


Why Kapture?

Customizable FAQs for customers

To save both the customer's and the agent's time, include the answers to the most relevant and frequently asked questions.

AI-powered bot assistance for employees

Are you stumped by a customer's question? Simply ask the AI-powered bot, and it will retrieve all relevant data from the knowledge base for a seamless customer experience.

Multilingual chat

A built-in language translator allows your agents to communicate with customers in their preferred language, resulting in a more personalized customer experience.

Bahamas Paradise

We chose Kapture CRM after evaluating multiple platforms that would best suit our needs. We needed one common platform for our sales, reservations, and customer support functions. Implementing Kapture has made a huge difference to our services.

Bahamas Paradise

Oneil Khosa, CEO

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Create personalized experiences for your customers.

A complete solution for all your customer service requirements. With Kapture One Suite, you can keep track and resolve all your tickets.

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