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Get an overview of all your booking sources and the revenue generated by them or get a detailed view of revenue based on day, week, and quarter and get deeper insights on the hotel sales CRM. With the sales software for hotels, manage corporate sales, channel partners, quotes & discounts, and daily plans with real-time updates. Optimize your key performance drivers and map out your customer's booking journey at every step with a hotel sales management CRM software

  • Comprehensive revenue and sales management channel. Hotel sales management software that lays out the bigger picture of how individual booking packages are performing.
  • Interactive dashboard view on the hotel management sales software shows qualified leads and improves your chances of scoring higher leads.
  • Develop sales funnel stages for your leads and track lead conversion at every stage on the sales software for hotels.
Customer and Payment History

Package Performance

Pull out detailed analytics on your top performing packages. Offer multiple discounts and see which package has the potential to double the revenue with Kapture’s forecasting tool that helps you analyze this year’s performance vs. last year’s package performance and predicts revenue and offers.

Lead Qualification & Lead Scoring

Chaos is loss, which is why we give you a better view of your enquiries intelligently categorized as per property, rooms, packages, deals or by any pre-defined category through an interactive dashboard of our reservation management system. Tag enquiries with hot/warm/cold labels so that your team can take care of important matters first.

Customer and Payment History

Sales Funnel

Know the real time status of all your enquiries whether replied or pending, rate card sent or awaiting revert all through the enquiry dashboard. Create your own stages of sales funnel and watch your leads move down the different stages of closure through the sales funnel.


Centralized Guest Data

Manage your entire guest data which includes crucial details like booking history, preferences, contact information, booking preferences, etc. centrally with Kapture’s centralized guest data management.

Customer and Payment History

Assign & Auto-assign Leads

Let Kapture auto assign enquiries for the Bangalore property to the Bangalore team and the ones for Mumbai property to the Mumbai team. Let the banquet team see deals specific to them and let the rooms team see deals specific to them. Pre-define rules and let the teams know the assigned enquiries to them. With our booking management system, you can also ensure that VIP guest bookings are auto assigned to the best team member.

  • Hotel Inventory
  • Create properties, add rooms and banquets to each property. Save important property information like room types with images, number of rooms available under each type and banquet capacity.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History
  • Contact Map View
  • Engage with your prospects better by mapping their current location through contact map view. This helps in visualizing your customers’ location in real-time. You can distinguish the locations territory wise and each territory can be allotted to employee/employees. You can also keep the track of each location that is being visited through Admin panel that gives you the freedom to view all territories in real-time.