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Reports, for your accounting needs

Insights on business accounting and collections that are simple to understand

Begin tracking and analyzing your financial transactions with the Kapture Payment Analytics Platform. The reporting software is capable of collecting data from varied companies and consumer touchpoints because of being fully integrated with your live operations.

This helps you make data-driven decisions about how to improve your financial situation. This also aids in the tracking and visualization of your entire business payments.

The Kapture Report Analytics Software allows you to draw useful insights about your business payments and operations.

  • Detailed Payment Reports
  • Receive and manage payments on a single dashboard.

    Payment reports on Kapture include generated orders, completed transactions, and invoices delivered. You can also narrow down on a customer-by-customer basis to learn more about their payment behaviors. Start projecting income over a certain period to have a better understanding of your product.

  • Reports on Credit Ratings
  • Get to know your customers.

    Keep track of your customers' payment patterns and financial obligations which gives you the ability to establish clear credit scores for future transactions. The reporting analytics capabilities in Kapture let you identify your top clients and provide a flexible crediting system.

  • Inflows and Outflows of Cash
  • Increased flow of information.

    With automatic updates for pending and received payments, you can stay up to date on client payments in real-time. You can concentrate on building an appropriate business and product strategy by examining your existing accounting.

  • Trigger Reports
  • Prioritize your triggers and notify the right personnel.

    Whether it be a comment, review, or ticket- trigger reports enable you to get a clear understanding of what must be prioritized on the level of alert or urgency. It helps you to attain the problems at the site of an incident and provide a quick solution for it.