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Payment and Invoice Management Software

A Smarter and Systematic way to manage payments, on-time

Be smarter in collecting your payments and managing your customers with Kapture CRM. You can manage your deliverables and associated payments from a single Payment Management Software. Within the cloud-enabled payment dashboard, you can integrate all your bills, invoices & payments into a single dashboard.

Also receive latest intimation about acquired payments and initiated invoices. Now you can manage and streamline all your bills and invoices for on-time customer payments. A comprehensive payment collection software!

Get more effective in managing your customer payments

Do you struggle to keep track of multiple customer payment threads? Are you afraid of forgetting the right time to raise customer invoices?

Kapture payment management software lets you connect and manage the different aspects of customer interactions. By effectively marshalling customer interactions, you can significantly raise your chances of consistently improving the payment cycle.

  • You can set and automate raising customer invoices at a particular time
  • Afterwards, your service team gets intimated to contact a particular customer
  • You can receive payments through online or offline channels
  • By the way, you will also receive intimations about defaulting customer

In-turn, the streamlined payment pipeline frees you from the responsibility to follow individual customer payments. Also, the payment Management Software lets you efficiently manage the individual payments.

Get Smarter and Efficient at managing your Business Payments

Get paid regularly and on-time with the Kapture payment collection software! The combination of multiple CRM features lets you automate parts of payment cycles and be smarter in managing the rest of the payment processes.

  • Manage and Quicken your Payment Cycles
  • Kapture CRM makes payment collections into a simple and straightforward process. You can also assign the task of keeping track of payments to a particular employee. You can also automate your book-keeping process to deliver precise accounts concerning pending and completed payments.

  • Faster Payment Processing
  • The unified platform lets you receive updates for receiving payments. You can also view the payments for any ad campaigns or service payments. This allows you to view the revenue turnover at any particular time.

  • Central payment dashboard
  • Integrate all the incoming and outgoing payments in a unified CRM dashboard interface. By syncing your desktop and mobile device data on the unified CRM platform, you can view updates about the ongoing transactions in a single dashboard. Afterwards, you can also tie different transactions within the central dashboard.

Create custom Billings and Invoices
Create custom Billings and Invoices

Create and send recurring billings, custom billings and periodic billings for each individual customer. You can also automate the creation flexible rate packages for particular customers by using pre-set values for variable packages. This makes it a great invoice management software for providing custom packages.

Automate Reminders and Invoices
Automate Reminders and Invoices

Send custom email or SMS reminders to your specific customer segments about upcoming payments or payments awaiting clearance. You can also set alerts on the time line to call or physically visit a particular customer. The online billing software lets you follow up with custom pricings.

Payment gateways
Payment gateways

Integrate payment gateways with your invoices to facilitate speedy payments and collections. The payment dashboard instantly updates all the completed payments and waiting payments.

Handle Outgoing payments
Handle Outgoing payments

Track and oversee the major and minor payments being made throughout the day. You can combine and oversee different business operations on the CRM platform. This allows you to manage different ad hoc payments based on the completion of services.