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What is an Order Management System?

An order management system (OMS) is a digital tool for managing an order's workflow. It keeps track of all data and processes, such as order entry, inventory management, fulfillment, and customer care. Both the company and the customer benefit from the insights provided by an OMS.

Pump-up your revenue potential

  • Order-Kapturing
  • Making tasks incredibly convenient.

    Equip your sales representatives with cutting-edge order creation tools, which may add new orders even while on the road. With fewer back-and-forths between executives and managers, Kapture minimizes the time taken to complete a customer's order.

  • Authorization and Process Flow
  • A resolution before execution

    Kapture can delegate an order to the authorized personnel automatically through machine learning use cases. It allows managers to verify each one with a simple tap. Improve data sharing among your teams so that leads may be transitioned into customers rapidly.

Workflow and Approvals
Order Details and Status
  • Delivery Timeline and Order Information
  • Stay up to date with timely notifications

    Yield valuable information including customer profiles, purchase history, order management, and follow-up dates by storing your order information in Kapture's One Suite.

  • Buying Behavior and Purchase History
  • Never get out of line, with the purchase process streamlined

    Browse a customer's order timeline and payment history, as well as identify key information such as the product purchased, inventory levels, and payment records. Examine past orders and learn about your consumers' purchasing habits to improve your services.

Customer and Payment History
Delivery Notifications
  • Stay Alert with Quick Communication
  • Wait for less, where every delivery is a success

    Notify customers, salespeople, and finance departments about order deliveries while keeping an eye on the shipment's progress. Once the customer has received the product, your employees can begin follow-up actions.

Connect all stakeholders and workflows by linking the order life cycle

Kapture- A Dollar Saved on Every Order

Inventory management at its finest

Keep track of, manage, and remain informed about inventory levels at all times. With a single tap on the phone, your agent can manage and update inventory details.

Dedicated Account Managers

Account managers who are committed to ensuring that all of your questions and problems are answered after implementation. This distinguishes us from the rest of the pack.

Single Sign-in Interface

It can take a long time to sign in to various accounts of different social channels to track orders and acquire their details. Kapture works closely with all third parties to bring everything together in one place with a powerful and enhanced omnichannel.

Conversation on the side

Without leaving the current window, start a communication with a third party concerning the customer's order. Maintain a constant connection with the ticket.