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What is Operations Management

The driving force consolidating your brand, team of employees, and potential customers is ‘Operational CRM’. Its main goal is to streamline all business operations to provide the best possible customer experience.

Stock management - Track, Optimize and Oversee your Stock Distribution

Retail Sales and their demand go hand-in-hand! The operations management software allows you to take advantage of current product demand to increase product sales. To enhance your condition and results of operations, quickly identify and restore current product requests.

You can access any specific user information using cloud-based business operations management software. Meanwhile, the Kapture Mobile app makes collecting and updating new customer orders a momentary snap.

Why do we need a cloud-based order management system?

Advantages of cloud-based inventory management -

  • Inventory visibility and traceability
  • Real-time and remote warehouse management
  • Cloud-based supply chain management
  • Inventory Costs and Accounting Data Processing
  • Integrating your inventory management and distribution systems is a great way to save time and money

Control the entire inventory from the same place!

Maintaining a sophisticated distribution network or breaking into a crowded market is difficult. To succeed, you must be able to reach and sell your products to the right buyer at the right time.

The inventory management system with mobility allows you to streamline and manage many operational operations. You can now always stay informed about general stock demand and delivery statuses.

These specific aspects are updated automatically by the operations management software.

  • The current marketplace demands
  • Streamline orders to distributors or stock points
  • Create and Approve all Orders
  • Streamline all stocks to the right points

This allows you to create more efficient distribution protocols and increase your profit margins. You can also eliminate the risks of surplus goods or deficiency.

Kapture’s Operational CRM Benefits

  • Enhanced official communications
  • Increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Revenue and return on investment (ROI) growth
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Serving Orders On-the-Go
  • The Kapture mobile CRM app allows you to personally visit numerous suppliers and merchants to increase fresh orders. The mobile order management software streamlines the process of placing new orders. Which means you can say goodbye to processing delays and other order blunders!

  • Approval of Orders in Seconds
  • Your sales representatives may access all the produced customer quotations on their Mobile App, thanks to the cloud platform. With the mobile CRM, you can sign or veto new orders right from your phone. Make sure your team never misses out on a fantastic chance!

  • Monitoring Orders and Inventory
  • Kapture's inventory management system can simply maintain track of stock quantities and notify sales representatives via mobile devices. This guarantees that they do not place orders for quantities that are greater than the amount of stock available. With the shipment reminder software, you can keep track of your stock movements.

  • Retail Stores are Covered
  • On the dashboard, you can see your whole list of connected retailers and distributors and can map your ideal route or ensure that every geographical area is visited regularly. Kapture guarantees that inventory management for small enterprises runs smoothly.

Know your customer better
Purchase History

To learn more about a customer's buying habits, look up and analyze their order and payment history. Get the all-in-one inventory management software!

Sync Latest Information

By syncing the cloud data across devices, your internal teams can access the latest updates about available stocks.

Team Collaboration
Instant Notification on Stock Update

The inventory availability is always reflected in the cloud CRM dashboard. You can also approve and distribute specific stocks.

Reports made effertless
Follow Retail Performances

Keep records of each retail outlet's specific performance. Determine your best performers and approaches to boost retail demand. With operational CRM, you can begin competent retail management right away!