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What is Lead Management Software?


A platform for tracking sales leads on a centralized cloud-based dashboard that merges and streamlines queries from many sources.

Easy management of many sources of leads into a single dashboard, including emails, phone calls, web forms, marketing campaigns, and channel partners is made possible with a lead management system.

With Kapture's lead tracking software, you can get real-time updates on each prospect and keep track of each lead at every stage.

  • Personal Touch for your Outreach
  • Automate your sales operations to save time and close deals faster. Compose rapid emails using Kapture's predefined email templates, record calls on the move, collect thorough personal information and personalize follow-ups. Monitor qualified leads, nourish dormant leads and transform more leads into potential conversion with all the data at your disposal.

  • Auto-Distribution of Leads
  • Create a personalized process flow and distribute leads to your team based on locations, departments, and goods. Enhance follow-ups by evenly rerouting leads based on the agent's accessibility. Manage and optimize your lead flow to ensure that no lead goes unnoticed.

  • Pipeline Administration
  • Kapture's pipeline management helps you prioritize your focused prospects with categories like Hot, Warm, and Cold. Segment your leads by industry and assign them to the appropriate team through auto-allocation capabilities. Mark all the accurate findings you want to view for a certain lead on the dashboard.

Pipeline Management
Territory Management
  • Demographic Management
  • Delegate and track lead created in each region. By significantly contributing to the data, Kapture's Territory Management aids you in focusing on the most promising leads. To increase earnings and assets, optimize your sales duties, re-route leads, do account-based re-routing, and round-robin. Ensure that leads are automatically redirected to the correct agent for an efficient lead management process.

  • Locate Prospects in Your Area
  • A point-to-point map to locate potential prospects is scheduled on your calendar depending on the information collected about the individual. The tracking system developed by Kapture enables you to manage leads in a proper way thereby easing the overall process.

  • Encapsulating Leads with Reference Points
  • Regulate web inquiry forms that have been custom-created, to collect unique consumer needs. You can gather all necessary customer information on a single dashboard thanks to the integration with the lead management CRM.

    Check up on those leads automatically and keep an eye on genuine lead updates on your customized dashboard.

  • Customer Mapping and Meetings
  • Create a map of your customers' complete journey and pay special attention to your potential leads by closely monitoring each lead in every phase. Get a comprehensive overview of all leads as well as a detailed snapshot of each one.

    Find out how many meetings are taking place by choosing a time duration. To update or modify your customer meetings, simply click on it.

  • Foster Leads at the Recommended Intervals
  • Interact with a lead at the recommended interval to possibly convert them into clients.

    Get extensive information on each lead and categorize them according to their importance (Hot, Warm, Cold). View or change critical lead information such as - personal details, action taken, ticket status, quotation details, and the description.

    Remain on the right track by pursuing multiple actions for a single lead from your dashboards, such as sending an SMS or a personalized email.

Bow the seeds, harvest the leads

Why Kapture?

Reporting in 1000+ formats

Reports in your desired format for a better and faster decision-making process.

Single Sign-in

Sign in on just the Kapture interface as it consolidates all functionality on a single platform.

Smart escalation matrix

Automatically assign tickets on a hierarchical basis of priority for an agent to resolve the customer’s issues quickly and smoothly.

Multilingual Chat

An in-build language translator for your agents to communicate with the customers in their preferred language for a personalized customer experience.

Facebook | Whatsapp | Instagram & Youtube Integration

Queries and potential leads may come in the form of comments and personal messages so it’s better to have an omnichannel presence on all these platforms.

Why is Lead Management an important part of the success of the business scenario?

The three fundamentals of good lead management are positioning, timing, and prospecting.

CRM Lead management is a sales cloud solution that streamlines an otherwise time-consuming procedure into a single-view solution.

  • Catching up on leads becomes more personalized with lead tracking software, and automation eliminates manual labor while giving each lead the attention it deserves.

    Lead pipelines must be streamlined, and segmentation aids in the management of challenging pipelines, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Reliability and validity of lead management require fostering each lead at appropriate times, so you can keep track of their progress. When meetings with possible leads are scheduled, it's much easier to keep track of them and look back on them.
  • Without effective coordination within a sales team, lead management will never be at its best. Internal teams get fast access to information thanks to the lead tracking system, which improves collaboration.

By using the power of data, Kapture's lead management solution allows you to effectively allocate, automate and customize lead management.