Keep Your Team Informed Using Knowledge Management System

Provide Useful Information to Both Your Clients and Your Employees Using the Knowledge Base Software

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Solve Tickets Faster

The Knowledge Management system is a single dashboard where your support team can access frequently asked questions and articles related to commonly asked support queries. This helps your team quickly look for solutions to support queries of customers helping them reduce the average call handle time by 35%.

solve-tickets faster
Instant Updates

The Knowledge Management System gives your team access to instant updates available on the dashboard itself. If you have an announcement about new policies, new content or general guidelines to look at – your team sees a notification flash on the top of the dashboard telling them there is a new announcement. This helps in keeping the entire team informed about announcements with just a few clicks.

Easily Add Articles And FAQ’S

Your support team needs all the help they need while solving queries. Your team of experts can easily help out your agents by uploading articles and FAQ’S to the knowledge management system. It’s just like adding blogs to a website. Just write up the content and post it and your agents will get immediate access to these articles.

Content Collaborations

Kapture’s quality management helps you capture and review all your agents’ performances. Record and monitor all the calls your agents take and listen to all the important conversations. Provide helpful feedback and organize training sessions for agents’ better customer interactions.

Cloud Storage

Unlimited storage for images, video files, audio recordings, product brochures, SOP’s. Share any file with customers or internally with just one click and have multiple version controls through the knowledge management applications.

Training and Tests

While training new agents you can use the knowledge based systems as a central pool of information. These trainees can access the training material and instructions manual at any time. These can be categorized based on roles, functions and departments. Managers can conduct online tests for any office location and use the built in assessment tool on the Knowledge management application.

Training and Assesment
Employee Forums

Enter discussions, Q & A across multiple office locations with your peers, team leaders, managers. Collaborate and discuss any important updates, offers, queries you may have using the Knowledge based systems.

Interactive Flow chart

Industry specific flow charts that can help agents arrive at the right answer based on the query flow by answering yes/ no, continue / discontinue. Agents can independently handle any complex queries based on these flow charts.

Add value
to your business

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