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A knowledge portal for all your teams

Our centralised knowledge base makes work related content and information easily available to all employees. Empower service reps to fetch the desired information and the know-how of quick resolutions.


A knowledge management tool for enhanced productivity

Equip your reps with the right tools for personalized customer interactions to take place.
Increase Agent Efficiency
Increase Agent Efficiency

Increase your First Call Resolution rate by making employees completely aware of use-case scenarios, promotional offers, new guidelines and product related articles.

Curate Content Smoothly
Smoothly Curate Content

Manage the content flow from the dashboard and get notified about new articles uploaded by the reps/agents. Further, you could edit and review the content and mark it as pending, accepted, archived or rejected.

Keep Your Team Updated
Keep Your Team Updated

On-site agents have the option to share product specific images and notes presently being dealt with at the incident site, through the mobile app. Every information auto-syncs and each agent keeps up with all the tasks.

Announce Alerts At Once
Announce through notifications

The Flash News option lets you notify your team about new promo codes, holiday notifications and other important alerts. Now circulate work related news faster!

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Create an informative discussion forum pertaining to product knowledge, customer queries, ongoing trends and others. Encourage your employees to share their knowledge through documents for everyone to read and understand. Knowledge sharing is the ultimate power.


We received an average of 12,000 queries per month in the form of calls and emails and Kapture helped make it seem as though there weren’t as many; as managing, prioritising and resolving tickets on a single application helped our team increase our first-call resolutions and improved our average TAT– which has now decreased to just 20 minutes from more than an hour!


Abhishek Yadav, Manager

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