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Payments & Quotations

Smart 360 degree Lead Performance Reports

Gather and streamline enquiries from multiple channels to a unified cloud-based dashboard. View detailed company history, contacts, and view complete interaction. Combine diverse sources of leads such as emails, calls, web-forms, marketing campaigns, channel partners into a single dashboard.

Get real-time updates of each prospect via Kapture CRM’s mobile app and keep the track of every lead at every stage.

custom invoice management
quicker quotes
Quicker Quotes with Automated Billing

Create automated invoices and quotes by creating variable pricing strategy for each customer. The in-built rate contracting software applies different rate cards and price charts, generating the appropriate contract price for each customer.

Tax Rate & Discount Management

Instantly create comprehensive quotes based on inbuilt rate cuts and discount limits. Now your agents can calculate and offer the comprehensive quote for the individual orders making them an easy way to manage your inventory. Manage and utilize a complete billing system software.

tax-rate-and-discount rate
invoice reports
Invoice Reports

Get a detailed report of your pending payments, approved payments, received payments, generated quotations, etc. Run timely reports to check the overdue payments and missed billing cycles.

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