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  • Managing Custom Invoices
  • Using Kapture's Invoice Management System, you can build custom invoices for various accounts. Establish an invoice and either send it through the manual process or maintain a timeline according to your pay cycle to send it automatically.

    Examine the status of your payments (pending, received, scheduled) and receive immediate notifications when a payment is delayed to send follow-ups directly from your dashboard.

Custom Invoice Management
Quicker Quotes with Automated Billing
  • Expedite Quotation with Automated Billing
  • Set up automated invoices and quotes for each customer by implementing a dynamic pricing strategy. The built-in rate consulting software uses various rate cards and price charts to generate the best project cost for each customer.

  • Control Discounts & Tax Rates
  • Formulate appropriate quotes within seconds using built-in rate cuts and discount limits. Your agents can now determine and provide a holistic quote for small orders, making them a convenient way to manage your inventory. Maintain and use a full billing system software.

Customer and Payment History
Delivery Notifications
  • Reports on Invoices
  • Get an in-depth report on your outstanding payment, authorized payments, accepted payments, acquired quotations, and so on. Analyze reports on a regular basis to check for pending bills and overlooked payment cycles.

Secure your payments and collections with Kapture

Reporting in 1000+ formats

Personalized reports for faster and better decision-making related to invoices and quotations.

Customizable Bot Workflow

Set up and manage your bot's workflow based on your company's needs. A simple and straightforward interface to manage workflows related to collections and payments.

Solve multiple queries at the same time

The new dashboard interface enables your agents to handle multiple customer queries at the same time without leaving the dashboard. Saves time and boosts productivity.

Enhanced Security

The improved security of our integrations makes the software more reliable.