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Hotel Management CRM Software Helps You Manage Guests and Bookings Efficiently

Consolidate all your bookings and enquiries across all properties and packages collectively into a single inbox which is easily accessible. All the enquiries from various platforms like booking engines, travel partner sites and mails can be classified into one unified inbox. Most of the recurring tasks can be automated with Kapture CRM, giving you all the solutions you might need to run a hotel smoothly.

Travel Partners:

The online hotel management system allows you to easily integrate with local travel agents and travel partners and get an objective view about the prices from each source.

Website/Booking Engine:

Kapture CRM's web integration funnels all enquiries from websites, booking engines, online ads and marketing campaigns so that you have access to all the leads and strategize on converting them.

Calls & Emails:

With seamless integration with your cloud telephony partners, get the most out of the leads generated through calls, emails from your sales ids and toll free numbers while tracking all their status in real time.

Social Media:

Get your Facebook, twitter and other social media enquiries at one place to get a macro view of your social media initiatives.

Billboards, Print media and Expos:

Calls generated from media outlets, posters, banners and billboards can be reccrm-software-for-hotel-industryorded with detail and made accessible through the unified dashboard. Your offline marketing initiatives require a lot of organization, which is provided by a simplified hospitality CRM software.

multi channel
Faster Enquiry Management

You can get access to a categorized view of all your leads generated from every channel that you are associated with on the Hotel CRM system. You can also use the lead scoring tool to quickly qualify your prospects helping your find the hottest ones who are ready to make a booking.

faster enquiry
Lead qualification and lead scoring:

Get smarter with intelligently categorized enquiries based on property, rooms, packages, and deals or set a pre-defined category through our customizable dashboard. Track enquiries based under priorities like hot, warm and cold labels

Sales Funnel:

Track all your enquiries from the moment they are initiated to the moment they are addressed. The sales funnel allows you to filter and track enquiries in different stages of closure.

Assign and auto Assign leads:

Kapture CRM has the ability to auto assign and reassign enquiries based on geographical location. This helps you avoid repetitive tasks. VIP guests can be assigned to the best people on your staff so that they can be catered to.

Guests 360 on finger tips:

The hospitality industry thrives on customer relationships and kapture CRM allows you to manage customer information with ease.

Kaptures Contact Manager

Kapture's Contact manager classifies and profiles your guests as individuals, agents or corporate entities so that you can cater to them appropriately. A central database of your guest information and guest preferences can be accessed easily through multiple properties so that your guests can have a consistent experience in all your hotels.

contact manager
Guest account manager:

With guest accounts being auto created whenever someone creates an enquiry, your team can filter enquiries with ease. You can consolidate all your travel agents, sub offices under one dashboard to avoid loss of data.

Guest Interactions:

Never keep your guests waiting for information, get access to all relevant customer data through the dashboard. Past interactions, contact details and priority level of the customer can be accessed for a quick and easy service.

Customized rate plans:

Create custom rate plans for corporates and travel agents. With easy access to past interactions, your hospitality team can quote consistent pricing for the bookings.

Alerts and reminders:

Send Customized wishes to your clients and keep track of the activity of all high priority guests so you can serve them more efficiently.

Auto Assign enquiries to agents
Real time mobile notifications to teams
Templates for bulk email and SMS campaigns
Automated reminder and follow up mails
Create quick rate cards
Generate invoices with one click

Product Master - Property wise:

Hotel Inventory:

Property information like room types with images, number of rooms available under each type and banquet capacity can be stored individually.

Mobile Access:

Inventory data can be accessed from any location on the field. Your travel agents can easily showcase properties to corporates and other travel agents through the mobile app. Enquiries can be added to specific properties or any room from the inventory catalog.

Property Dashboard:

Track occupancy rates of each property in real time and gather information on star properties and packages.

property master

Kapture CRM seamlessly integrates with all travel partner sites, telephony, chat, accounting and reservation management systems which has API capabilities.