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On Kapture’s Hotel CRM Software:

  • You can unify your inquiries from booking engines, web forms, travel partner sites, emails, and phone calls, and eliminate the burden of chasing different channels.
  • Existing visitor inquiries are automatically tied to the guest account, while new inquiries need the creation of a new guest account.
  • Streamline your hotel's leads, being set up for lead distribution for global locations.
  • Prevent lead loss by selecting your preferred way of communication before it's too late.
  • Continuously follow your lead — Use the hospitality CRM software to keep track of every step of their conversion journey.
Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Payment with a ‘Single Click’ is possible

Streamline the distribution of leads depending on area and bundle category. Kapture can assist you in creating a bespoke workflow that allows you to get leads based on area, lead kind, guest requirements, spending plan, and other prospect behavior choices.

Notification of a New Lead in Real-Time

Configure your emails and other desired methods of notification to be notified whenever a new lead is generated. Instinctively know when a lead or query is generated, the most frequently queried estate, auto-assign leads to various teams, and satisfy your customers with improved patient compliance.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Stay updated on everything

Monitor your potential lead and be updated as soon as a room is reserved, an inquiry is sent, or a hotel is explored. Optimize, plan, and send several emails and SMS to prospective customers, and keep track of all interactions across various channels - all from one dashboard.

Automate Sales Tasks

Never let questions get lost in the shuffle of several email threads and follow-ups. Allow your sales team to focus on closing deals and outsource the office work to Kapture.

Simplify every contact, from commercial mailings to guideline auto answers, propositions to rate cards, reservation confirmations to acknowledgment messages, reminders to follow-ups - and book more rooms in less time.

  • Auto-assign enquires to team

  • Get an instant mobile notification

  • Send proposals, promotions, bookings, invoices

  • Automate follow-ups and reminder mails

  • Create quick Rate Cards

  • Generate Invoice with one Click

Supervision of Rating Cards

Determine discount limitations, tax rates, schedule payments, generate brand letterheads and send bespoke email templates automatically to distribution channels. Integrate payment gateway links and download payment receipts to provide a risk-free banking experience.


    Exceptional API Integration

    All travel partner sites, telephony, chat, accounting, and reservation management systems with API functionalities that are seamlessly integrated. Be featured on the most prominent reservation and booking platforms. Increase the number of options for increased reservation rates. For a smooth experience, multi-API connectors are available. It's easy to set up without any technical assistance. Make yourself their prime choice for a safe and entertaining stay.

Customer and Payment History

Database for Centralized Accessibility

Construct buildings and fill them with rooms and banquets. Save crucial property details such as room kinds and photos, as well as the number of rooms offered for each type and banquet capacity.

From anywhere on the field, you can access inventory data in the form of a catalog. Permit entities and tour operators to easily see your property by using your mobile app. Inquiries for specified properties/rooms can also be applied automatically from the portfolio catalog.

Get real-time occupancy rates for each property and information about star properties and packages. In addition, you can check the availability of rooms in real-time.