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Make your hotel’s presence known

  • The hotel visitor experience is everything, so make sure you're not missing out on giving every guest the finest experience possible
  • Make it simple for customers to submit feedback and complaints
  • Be digitally present

Manage your hotel's visitor interactions across all platforms with:

  • A system that automates the visitor experience survey in the hospitality industry. Gather comments from every visitor before they go.
  • A mobile CRM and customer experience system, you can increase both bookings and reputation.
  • A customized reward based on the number of times they visited your hotel and dynamically includes it in each of your emails to them.
Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Handle Customer Feedback effectively

Allow your customers to leave comments and concerns via a variety of channels, including phone calls, chats, websites, and third-party social networking platforms. View a variety of customer interactions and open, allocate, handle, and close tickets with ease.

Protect Online Reputation

View and track real-time guest reviews, check your star rating, and get quick notifications when a new review is published. Set up a process and respond to input quickly to take the right measures. Integrate the APIs to manage reviews on partner sites and manage opinions and ratings straight from the CRM.


Assess Surveys by Visitors

Send customized survey forms via email, SMS, and other methods directly from the dashboard to do proper guest surveys. Encourage guests to share their thoughts about the hotel and their stay. Increase the guest experience by segmenting the surveys by category to improve your reviews and rating.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Boost Customer Satisfaction with a Mobile App

With Kapture's Mobile app, you can track the hotel's performance in real-time (in 1000+ formats) using real-time data based on reviews and ratings. Make sure you respond appropriately to the evaluations that require the most attention.

    Increase Customer Loyalty

    Access visitor interaction history, booking preferences, and spending trends to manage guest relations. Know your most loyal consumers by comparing last year's guests to this year's and introducing a loyalty program for those who matter the most to you.

Customer and Payment History

Supervision of Interactions

On a single dashboard, manage client interactions across different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Chat, Call, SMS, and more. Tag tickets with a priority of High, Medium, or Low to expedite the resolution of all guest inquiries.

Set a ticket escalation time and follow the protocols for each ticket. Create a more efficient ticket resolution process and ensure that your guest's issue is resolved.