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With Kapture's booking and reservation management, managing multiple bookings has never been easier. It’s a platform where you can:

  • Manage banquet bookings, single and corporate bookings and avoid duplicate bookings
  • Keep track of customer preferences
  • Book inquiries from multiple platforms
  • Monitor package performance
  • Centrally view every guest booking
  • Get an unrivaled reservation system that maximizes both visitor satisfaction and income
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Administration of Omni-Channel Bookings

Automate bookings through numerous channels, such as the website, phone calls, emails, chats, marketing, social media, and more, all from one centralized dashboard, and impress your customers.

Travel Partners (OTA)

Synchronize with local travel agencies and partners to obtain a comprehensive view of the business from each partner. Deep integrations with the online hotel management system provide the power.

Reservations over website

With simple web integration, you can easily funnel all website inquiries into a single inbox and see which inquiry form on your website is the most popular, as well as which campaigns are producing the most inquiries.

Digital & Print media

Billboard and print media calls can be simply combined and coordinated into a unified inbox with comprehensive call recordings and status. Follow the results of your offline marketing campaigns from beginning to end.

Emails & Phone Calls

Drive calls and emails directly into your inbox from your sales ids and toll-free numbers and see the standings of each lead/inquiry in real-time. Integrate seamlessly with your cloud telephony partners.

Social Platforms

To gain a broad view of your social media endeavors, gather all your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media inquiries in one location.

Reservations for banquets

Banquet reservations can be tough to make. Kapture's Hotel CRM is an excellent answer to this issue.

You can control:

  • Banquet availability
  • Food preferences
  • Different packages- design and send customized banquet quotations
  • Receive quick booking and cancellation notifications
  • Manage guest accommodations
  • Generate booking reports and cancellation reports
  • The start and finish dates make it easier to manage your attendees

Accommodation for Groups and Corporations

Through a single dashboard, you can manage:

  • Bulk and corporate bookings
  • Group discounts
  • Corporate room packages, and amenity upgrades
  • Send personalized booking confirmation emails
  • Separate dining preferences
  • Track of third-party corporate packages, and group discounts
  • Determine user discounts and apply them directly from the CRM
  • Extra adjustments for last-minute amenities additions or room improvements can also be enabled and applied directly from the CRM
Customer and Payment History

Handling of Reservations

Manage corporate bookings vs. single bookings and room occupancy to a single mailbox and stay up to date on each guest's interaction for a trouble-free reservation and network of support. When a reservation is made for a room, permit room occupancy as available.

Eliminating Duplicate Bookings

The Hotel CRM feature of Kapture CRM helps to minimize duplicate bookings by ensuring that a reserved room does not appear on the hotel's page or on a partner's website.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Tap into our Guest 360 Degrees

The contact manager in Kapture allows you to categorize and classify your visitors as individuals, agents, or corporate entities, as well as recognize your high-value customers. Maintain a single system of all your guests' information and effortlessly exchange guest preferences across different parameters so that your guests have a consistent experience.

Processing of Customer Requests

All inquiries from various platforms should be consolidated into a single dashboard. Evaluate the sources in-depth, as well as their current condition, to quickly assign and address questions. Kapture uses a clever keyword filtration system to separate tickets based on the type of inquiry. There will be no misplaced tickets this way, so you won't have to worry about them.

  • Delegate questions to the appropriate departments
  • Plan for follow-up. pre-made templates for quick responses
  • Instant responses with pre-defined templates
  • Follow the progress of each inquiry
  • Delve deeply inside to gain a complete picture of each booking's history
Customer and Payment History

Boost Revenue from Guests

Impress your customers with amazing room views and amenity upsells, all while considering their preferences. From your dashboard, you can see any upsells that have been added to single or corporate bookings. While exceeding guests' expectations, inform your employees about these cross-sell through internal collaboration.