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Oversee patients and physicians across all your locations

  • Deliver adequate treatment and receive frequent reports on all patients - regular, new, old.
  • With the Kapture Medical CRM software, keeping track of the doctors on your payroll is easier than ever.
  • The healthcare business is essential for ensuring patient safety and effective routing and communication with hospital employees.

Accept meeting inquiries from a variety of sources.

  • Combine meeting requests from multiple sources into a single inbox. Eliminate the time-consuming task of outrunning several channels and tracking the progress of each meeting.
  • All requests will be vetted and categorized in one location. Existing patient requests are automatically tied to the patient's account, and patient registration applications need the creation of a new account.
Multiple Channels
  • Phone
  • Allow your customers to contact you for appointments, and the system will log all calls and collect all data in one place, in the inbox.

  • Emails
  • Link individual center emails and keep track of the number of consultation applications received each day.

  • Website
  • Get a collaborative view of all incoming requests from numerous forms divided into multiple pages on your site with simple web form extensions.

  • Sites in Collaboration
  • Merging with healthcare lead-generating sites and other EMR portals ensures that you don't miss out on any leads and that you have all the information you need in one location.

  • App for mobile devices
  • Import requests made via your own mobile app into Kapture.

    The close interface between Kapture and your hospital's mobile app allows you to see all the consultations and questions made through the app on the dashboard.

    Your mobile app appointments will be synced with the CRM's schedule using the auto-sync functionality. When a session is confirmed or verification is needed, the CRM will send reminders to the app.

Integration with your existing mobile app

Mobile App

Kapture's water-tight integration with your hospital's mobile app gets you all the appointments and queries made from the app on the CRM dashboard. Auto sync feature will sync your mobile app appointments to the CRM's calendar. CRM will also push notifications to the app when an appointment is confirmed or when a check-up is due.

Admission to Discharge- Appointment Management

Conserve time and effort for your team by automating follow-up calls and creating paper files for each patient.

Appointment Management
Appointment Management
Appointment Management
Appointment Management

Consultations are automatically assigned to doctors

The massive number of initial consultation requests in your inbox should not overwhelm you and leave you in a state of turmoil. Allow the CRM to read each request and automatically allocate them to available doctors across centers based on preferences. An actual status report of each allocated reservation is also provided.

Appointment Management
Appointment Management
Appointment Management

Regular Notifications to Doctors and Patients


Communicate through emails, text messages, or push notifications to doctors and patients for all scheduled appointments. Send practical guidance and ensure that no appointments are forgotten.

Browse Every Centers' Operations in Multiple Locations


Provide your center’s accessibility to consultations that are only for them, while you receive a bigger picture of all the meetings made across numerous centers. Through a real-time dashboard, get a well-segmented view of all appointments based on their location, nature, question, or specialization. So, you may go into the appointments of a specific physician at a specific center at any moment and monitor the availability of each.

Cloud-based patient records

Continue to share information and cases amongst centers.

  • Basic Information and Your Profile
  • Keep all patients' basic information and contact information in one location. Add family members' contact information, birthdays, and auto-send birthday greetings to your patients.

  • History of Appointments
  • Perceive all previous consultations required, postponed, and completed in each patient's account.

Patient Profile
  • Record of Diagnosis
  • Don't let old or new reports, medications, or treatment histories slip through the cracks. You can look up information from the past at any moment and keep yourself up to date on each case.

  • Check-ups that are due
  • Each patient's profile includes a calendar that displays the patient's due check-up dates and other key dates.

Cloud repository for doctor's information

Continue to share information and cases amongst centers.

Physician Info
  • Necessary Contact Information
  • Maintain your CRM current and relevant with your doctor's basic contact information, such as phone number, emergency number, and specializations.

  • Follow up the Schedule
  • A monthly observation and recording of activities allow you to see all your future appointments with every doctor for the full month.

  • Relevant data about the patient
  • Understand how many patients each physician is responsible for and what their status is.

  • Medical History
  • Maintain a record of all patients who seek treatment and their medical histories for ease of reference.

Grievance & Responses System

Encourage your patients to effortlessly interact with you via any medium of their choice. We'll consolidate all of your communications into a unified mailbox for you.

Feedback 1

Multi-channel Feedback System

Feedback 2

Auto Send Feedback Link To Patient After Each Appointment

Feedback 3

Each Feedback/Complaint Gets Converted Into Tickets

Feedback 4

All Tickets Get Auto Attached To Relevant Visit/Appointment