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What is a sales forecasting tool?


Sales forecasting software analyses previous business data and generate a summary that forecasts sales based on patterns. Sales targets reported revenues, and future sales are all shown in forecast reports.

With Kapture's Sales Forecasting tool, you can get a complete perspective of your sales funnel and overall business. Obtain real-time alerts on your sales, monitor your best transactions closed, get specific company revenue, and make intelligent decisions with ease.

Using more precise data, break down your pipeline and identify:

  • Potential Prospects
  • Convertible Leads
  • Deals closure
  • Opportunities Succeeded/Failed ratio
  • Keep a detailed record of your sales results
  • Sales teams employ metrics, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), to track progress toward their goals, adjust remuneration, issue bonuses or incentives, identify flaws, and plan for future growth or market changes.

    • You can break down forecasting by the team, individual agent, and area with Kapture CRM.
    • Checking closed targets vs. current targets and about-to-be-closed deals.
    • And sales pipeline visualization can help you make smarter business decisions.
Sales Tracking
Sales Decision
  • Forecasting complicated sales decisions
    • With thorough dashboards and detailed reports, you can easily predict multichannel sales, estimate leads, and expect revenue. Determine the difference between achieved and expected targets, as well as who your top salespeople are.
  • The Correct Information. Always.
    • With informative dashboards, you can get a thorough perspective of each sales action at every stage. On your dashboard, you may compare your revenue and acquire all the information you need.
    • You may find your hot lead source, adjust, or automate your duties, identify possible lead generation sources, team vs. salesperson targets reached, future targets to be set, and much more with 1000+ smart reporting formats.
The Right Data. Everytime.
Push Promotions and Offers
  • Share Offers and Discounts
    • Sales forecasting software can provide crucial insights into what offers worked in the past and can be used to push sales based on historical data and pipelines.
    • A sense of the sales performance can be perceived on how the discount percentage affects your future revenue.

Sales forecasting with Kapture

Reporting in 1000+ formats

Reports in your desired format for a better and faster decision-making process.

Customization possibilities for reports

Merging multiple sales reports and giving context is now made easy.

Forecasting payments

Quantify future cash flows by analyzing the sequence of created bills and accessible data.

Enhanced sales team performance

Process automation can aid your team's productivity.