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What is deal management?


Businesses that wish to monitor every part of their deal flow should use deal management software. Deal management software allows us to investigate the full deal pipeline, along with the status of every deal, personal details, and other pertinent factors.

With Kapture's Deal Management tool, you can define deal parameters including deal status, discount level, customer details, interaction history, and more. With ease, manage deals by territory, track deals in your pipeline, assess the sales process, and increase company profitability.

  • Competencies in Deal Management
  • Price Metrics in Real-Time
  • Ongoing Deals vs. Corporate Objectives
  • Assess the Levels of Deal Selection
  • Authorizations for Specific Transactions
  • Synchronization with Third-Party Scoring Engines made simple.
  • Analytics for Pricing
  • With Kapture's pricing analytics, you can get a complete picture of your:

    • Deal's pricing, allows you to focus on specific pricing demands as they arise.
    • Access the full customer engagement history, including when a pricing decision was made.
    • Undertake a full analysis of the pricing proposed.
    • And compare suggested prices for various sections end-to-end.
Pricing Metrics
Deal Negotiation
  • Agreement of a Deal
  • Yield the highest deal revenue and make appropriate negotiations with:

    • Evaluate deal rates
    • Invoice revisions
    • Competition price analysis
    • Order information.
    • Product score

    When prices or products are added, you may change the deal and payment conditions right on your dashboard, and it will instantly appear in the deal’s progress and operation.

  • Parallel Pipelines can be created
  • Numerous deals require multiple pipelines, which Kapture CRM allows you to execute with the help of a unified dashboard:

    • Obtain correct information about each agreement- depending on the stage
    • Deal criteria and stage assignment
    • Thorough metrics for each contract
    • Different deal pipelines from other CRM software can also be imported
Create Multiple Pipeline
Convert More Deals into Potential Leads
  • Potential leads that become sure-shot deals
  • With Kapture's Mobile App, which allows you to operate even when your internet is down with the following functionality:

    • Monitor deal progress
    • Update personal details, location, and submit proposals
    • Notify your team about a new agreement or prospect, as well as session alerts, follow-up instructions, and more.

    A mobile application that helps you access everything from any corner of the world.

Seal the deal. Keep the progress real.

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