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Daily Schedules

Plan and Organize your Sales Meetings

For a sales team, regularly upcoming meeting stream mean a steady stream of opportunities. But there are numerous problems that you need to overcome to achieve this objective - picking the right prospects, managing timings, setting meeting objective, managing prospect relationships etc.

Kapture CRM meeting management solution helps you manage and assign your daily meetings. You can also engage and interact with the acquired leads to convert them into potential opportunities.

  • Set objectives for every sales meeting
  • Track and follow the meeting progress
  • Interact with your sales teams
  • Develop and manage routes for meeting transit

A systematic online meeting management helps you ensure your sales team can always look forward to upcoming new meetings.

Kapture CRM helps you ensure that you are always engaged to manage new opportunities.

Meetings and appointment
Micromanage your day with ease

Easily schedule meetings and fix appointments with your customers using Kapture meeting management software. Enable your sales executives to quickly go over prospect lists and deals, and give them total control over their day’s schedule and agenda.

micro manage meetings
Online task management
Online Task Management
Easily automate your workflow

Kapture’s online task management software allows your executives to get to their job by creating events and setting reminders without getting caught up in manual management.

Notifications and reminders
Never miss out on those important details

Manage all relevant meetings details through the meeting management solutions. This process automatically includes all the relevant people are kept in the loop. Also enable pop-up reminders with the ability to include repeat scheduling, snooze and all-round customization.

Notifications and remainders
dashboard and calender view
Dashboard & calendar view
Dual View for better results

The dashboard enables a quick-view of all upcoming meetings and scheduled follow-ups. Appointments, new leads, and crucial dates like customers’ birthdays are easily accessible. Stay updated with your team’s plans through either a calendar or a dashboard view.

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