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Customers report their queries pertaining to a purchase or other issues, through Customer Support, the facilitator which makes it easier for customers to reach their preferred brands.

Customer support operations play an important part in any business and are the focal point.

What is Customer Support

Mail, Chat, SMS, Call, Social Media DMs and Comments - customers today can interact with brands through various avenues.

Hence, to resolve the requisite queries coming in from varied channels, brands today are harnessing the efficiency of automated customer support platforms to provide the best customer service experiences.

What does a Customer Support Software Offer?

A Customer Support Software is an organized system that collects, segregates and allocates customer queries to the available service agents or representatives, in real time for them to provide a resolution.

Customer Support Offer

Good customer service is the aim for businesses today. With an automated customer service solution, businesses can ensure a smooth workflow resulting in higher CSAT scores and a smoother customer experience.

The Importance of a Customer Support Software

Today, every business is customer-centric and strives to provide the best customer experience to its patrons. With rising customer expectations and demands, brands are constantly reviewing and updating their customer service software to deliver the best personalized experiences.

Kapture helps you understand the customer pain points through machine learning so that you create personas and provide resolutions accordingly. Quick resolutions and FCR are ensured with us, which gives rise to healthy brand-customer relationships and increases the overall Customer Retention Rate. How amazing is that?

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How Can You Provide Skillful Customer Support?

Intelligent workflows ensure personalised customer experiences through helpdesk. Further, customer loyalty is at the core of any business today with customer retention becoming very important. Businesses, therefore have to be on their toes and cater to customers’ ever-changing needs and demands.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Support Offer

Customer Relationship Management is a process a business undertakes to administer and maintain customer interactions through data and analytics.

Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) is a system that helps brands to connect with customers (existing, potential, new) and assist in maintaining the brand-customer relationship.

An efficient CRM software like Kapture helps businesses in managing, organizing, and maintaining impeccable support practices. With us, customer relationship services are productive. A few of our widely appreciated features include:


Maximize the customer satisfaction rate and boost agent productivity with Kapture’s comprehensive ticketing system. Every customer query, complaint, issue, request gets auto-allocated to agents based on their availability and skills, in real-time.

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Omni Channel


With multiple social media platforms, customers reach out to businesses through their preferred medium of choice. Earlier it was merely through chat, mail, or calls, but with the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and What's App, social media channels are also one of the most preferred mediums of customer interaction. An Omnichannel support system integrates queries from…

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Provide real-time service to customers with AI-driven chatbots. Kapture chatbots analyze customer queries using algorithms to resolve them and when additional assistance is required, the algorithm auto-allocates tickets to the concerned departments.

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AI Live Chat
Omni Channel


Kapture’s knowledge repository serves the agent as well as the customer. Avail relevant information, updates and knowledge for an enhanced productivity.

Agents can pursue self-serve through the Agent Assistant window to seek guidance in resolving complaints, while customers can pursue self-serve to fetch resolutions to their queries, independently, without any agent intervention. Everything made possible with our high-yielding knowledge base.

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Empower your customers to help themselves. Assist them find quick responses to repeat queries and frequently asked questions through customized workflows and Kapture’s intelligent KMS.

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Self Service Portal

Who can use the customer service software?

A Customer Support Software is for businesses of all sizes or forms and the best type of customer service structures are scalable as per business needs which also remains one of the important strategies for customer service.


For Startups

Startups too need to focus on customer service just like renowned brands owing to its initial phase and gradual growth. Startups can flourish well, given the efficiency of their customer service and experience.

For instance, the startup can position itself as the provider of value to customers’ needs and incorporate omnichannel ticketing systems to serve the customer queries better.

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Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

SMBs can opt for industry specific B2B or B2C support software owing to their specialization in a unique domain. Customer relationship services for such entities lie at the core with the aim of prompt responses to incoming customer requests. Kapture’s personalised integrations and customisations indeed help here.

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Large Enterprises

A comprehensive and seamless customer service software would better cater to the requirements of large businesses which encompass varied customer personas.

Large entities require advanced features and a well structured support solution with data security at the forefront, to serve the ever-changing consumer behaviours.

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Why is Kapture the best customer support software?


Reporting & Analytics

Pursue data driven decision making by understanding pivotal business insights through diverse formats - Charts, Histograms, Graphs, Infographics and Pie-charts. In fact, create custom reports to report more accurately, thereby tracking, monitoring and optimizing key business metrics like Churn Rate, Retention Rate, Cross-sells and Upsells.


Powerful Integrations

Kapture smartly integrates with logistics partners and third party vendors, e-commerce and cloud-telephony platforms. The many conversations from the many integrations are all presented on a single sign-in dashboard only! The platform also allows for 1000+ API integrations encompassing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Play Store, Google Business, WhatsApp, YouTube.


Seamless UI and UX

Our UI and UX interface is user-friendly for you to navigate and be more productive. Further, the software is easy to set up. Customer service agents have never been so happy!


Scalable Yet Powerful

Kapture is a robust platform that scales up or down as per your business requirements. In fact, we are customizable too.


Fastest Go Live

With a dedicated team in place to serve your queries 24x7, the software can be implemented within 45 days. And that’s our personal best!