CRM Software for Small Business Is the Best Way
to Streamline Sales and Service


While scaling your business, you slowly begin to deal with growing amounts of data. From larger lead pools to growing customer service – there is a need to have a system to automate many of these processes. A CRM system for small businesses is a means to engage with your customers seamlessly at any point of time. These could be your existing customers or prospects. The CRM tools for small businesses are useful for monitoring daily operations, sales, customer service, payments, customer database and workflow processes. Cloud based CRM software provides ample data storage space and can be accessed from anywhere.


CRM for Small Business Why A Small Business Should Invest in a CRM?

CRM platforms are useful for companies of any size. It forms the building block to any business. However, below are the key areas of CRM that will benefit your company.


Cut down on Over heads

The CRM for small businesses is A Saas offering. This means you don’t need any hardware or Heavy installations before you use the software. All you need is a link and a net connection and you are good to go.

CRM Solution for Small Business

Safely store all your sensitive data in one location

The central CRM dashboard not only lets you run multiple operations from a single window. You can also be confidant that all your sensitive data is stored in the cloud.

keeping track f customers

Manage, organize and allocate Lead with ease

The lead scoring and sales forecasting tools help you quickly determine the best means of customer acquisition and start collecting email addresses for campaigns.


Actionable Reporting

As data gets fed into a central system management at different levels and location can dig out reports for their department helping your team get insights on performance goals.

internal communication

Internal Communication

The CRM system for small businesses acts as a default means to communicate within a business whether its internal, inter department or with vendors.

automation of task

Automation of Tasks

Your employees can make the best of their time by automating many of their tasks with the help of the CRM tools for small businesses.


Kapture CRM can take care of both sales and service automation for your business. Our team will help you set up the system and you can go LIVE in no time.

Lead Management System

Automate your responses through smart response generator. Delight your customers even when the agent is not available to chat. Set automated response and you’re good to go. As soon as an enquiry is generated, the system will also show the past order history so the agent can resolve the query faster.

lead management
Sales Forecasting

Keep a track of the sales actions to be taken by easily viewing the lead status on your dashboard. As you update lead status, it automatically gets reflected in a graphic sales funnel. It shows you the leads journey from first touch to close.

sales funnel
Field sales Mobile App

The Mobile App lets your sales team update their important sales information on the go. From customer databases to contact details and minutes of meeting – the Mobile App lets you keep a track of all the information that would assist you in selling. You can also assign daily meetings based on locations so you can maximize your resources in minimum time. It works even on offline mode and you can sync in whenever you are online.

field sales
Email and SMS Template

You can choose from ready-made templates while sending automated reminders or follow up mails to your customers. You can also use the templates to send birthday mailers, promotional messages or simply a Thank you note.

email and sms business
Quotation and Invoice Management

You can generate pre filled invoices at the click of a button. You can also track pending payments and partial payments.

Kapture’s Service CRM for small businesses ensures all your email queries come into a central d

quotation & Invoice
Email Ticketing

Kapture’s Service CRM for small businesses ensures all your email queries come into a central dashboard from where your agents can reply, view past history, check customer information and previous tickets. You can also send automated emailers, attachments, images, feedback forms depending on your interaction with the customer.

email ticketing
Chat Management

The Live chat software lets you view chat tickets and email tickets with access auto reply templates that can be used to begin a conversation. The chat system can easily be integrated into YOUR website with a simple AII integration.

API's and Integrations

You can easily integrate the CRM into platforms like google calendar, mailchimp shopify and much more with our ready to use API’S.

api-and integrations
Social Media Ticketing

If you receive complaints on social channels they will be delivered straight into your CRM inbox. You can then respond to these social media tickets from the system itself without logging in every time.

social media ticket

Over 500+ reports are available to you. With a few clicks you can generate reports on sales and service productivity. This can help you measure your service levels, sales target versus achievement, ticket status and much more.



Yes, you can sync your Google calendar instantly.
We have an excel import/export option in the system.
Mobile app works even on offline mode, you can sync the data once you are online.