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Be more prepared to answer call queries with a 360 customer view on the call center management software

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Custom Dashboard

Login to your Kapture account and see your contact center management info right on your dashboard. Keep the track of all the answered/unanswered calls all from Kapture’s unified dashboard. View how many calls took place within a day, currently available agents, types of calls (inbound/outbound), and other info that is important to you.

custom dashboard
Cloud Telephony Integration

Give your consumers a more native experience by integrating with existing apps. Kapture’s easy to integrate API’S lets you instantly start using the chat solution on a number of platforms.

cloud telephony
multilevel ivr
Automated ResponseConfigure Multilevel IVR

Easily create a customized call flow for your customers using the call center management software. You can also set an interactive voice response ( IVR ) or a non-availability message that your customers can hear – in case your caller reached the maximum log time.

Agents and Call Management

Kapture’s quality management helps you capture and review all your agents’ performances. Record and monitor all the calls your agents take and listen to all the important conversations. Provide helpful feedback and organize training sessions for agents’ better customer interactions.

agnet dashboard

Configure call routing settings and automatically assign agents to ensure that no call is unanswered. Set agents times, assign agents shits to ensure that agents are available when a consumer calls.

Inbound & Outbound Call Management

Get detailed analytics to assess your chat team’s performances on a single screen based on tickets generated from multiple sources.

sla management
Measure SLA’s with ease

Define your High, Medium, and Low priority call tickets resolution time and delight your consumers with quick response. Set resolve and resolution time for high priority tickets, medium priority tickets, and low priority tickets without any hassle.

Reporting & Analytics

Understand your team’s performance through regular reports and analyze the data quickly. With in-depth analysis, you can benchmark trends and pinpoint areas that require more attention. Track real-time data through Kapture’s custom dashboard and take immediate actions.

reporting analytics

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