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Over the last couple of decades, internet users have migrated from desktops to mobile devices, thereby transforming the way businesses interact and conduct operations. Sales operations have been greatly changed to meet the needs of customers who are increasingly using mobile devices to reach out to businesses.

A mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps your sales team members to meet leads and close more deals from anywhere, at any point of time. They will have access to all the necessary customer data in one centralized place. Here are some of the features and benefits of a mobile CRM strategy:

  • Increases sales: Having the right data, which is organized and accessible plays an important role in sale conversions. Through mobile CRM, agents can access the information they need and reach out to leads as planned. They can get quicker quotes and arrange follow ups efficiently with reduced waiting time. Additionally, agents meeting leads on the field can record and store data easily through mobile CRM.


  • Lead management and reallocation: Using Kapture CRM, you can easily manage your leads among your sales representatives based on categories such as location, leads, expertise etc. Your sales reps can also add new leads on the go. By leveraging mobile CRM, you can reallocate leads to other agents based on availability with just a few taps on the app.


  • Alerts and follow-ups: Ensure your sales team never misses a meeting with a prospect or a follow-up ever again. A mobile CRM helps you set reminders and pushes out notifications well in advance.


  • Stay in the loop with customer history: It is very tedious and difficult to centrally organise all customer data manually. Using a mobile CRM application, sales agents can access all customer data including purchase history, payment history etc in one place, from anywhere.


  • Attendance: Monitoring the movements of your on field sales agents has been made easy with a mobile CRM. Agents can mark their attendance when they check-in to the client location and check-out once they are done. Not only does this save time but helps management in keeping track of their team.


  • Data accuracy: If a sales agent were to use traditional methods of CRM, he or she would have wait till they get to the office to record the data collected on a desktop. Thanks to mobile CRM, agents can record data in real-time instantly, thereby reducing errors in the data.


  • Increase in productivity: Using a mobile CRM, many time-consuming tasks otherwise can be done quickly. This includes scheduling appointments, data entry, follow-ups, and assignment of daily tasks and so on. A mobile CRM helps your sales and support team complete tasks quickly, therefore saving time and increasing productivity.


With the assistance of a mobile CRM solution, businesses are now being able to create better, and more positive relationships with their customers. Real-time customer interactions have been made easier with the mobile CRM platform.


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