Why You Need Chat Support Software

Not for nothing is chat software extremely popular nowadays. The urban youth, especially, feels that texting should be the primary mode of communication. Most social media platforms have the feature of Direct Messages or Instant Messaging which is used by almost everybody. Business owners make it a point to provide live chat support software on their website. This is not only good for business, but it has many futuristic qualities that other modes of communication cannot offer. Here are the reasons why you need to live chat for your business.

Faster Support

It is known that more than 70% of today’s young population prefers using live chat over call or email. Even though you might have gone omnichannel with your CRM, it is essential that you focus more on chat. You can set up automated responses for incoming queries using your CRM software. This means that your service agents do not have to waste time coming up with responses for all queries because all the common ones will prompt suggestions. Providing lightning-fast support bodes well for customers because that is why they choose this option.


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Automated Offline Service for Clients

Automated live chat is just what the name suggests, it is automated. It can create a self-help kind of interface via chat where users can answer the questions from the choices given to filter their service query.

For example:

Mr X logs into your website and hits up the chatbot. The chatbot powered by AI will immediately greet the user and pose a series of questions one after another with options for Mr X to click on.

Assuming you own, say, a fashion store, the questions might look something like the ones below:

  1. How may we help you?
  2. What is your shirt size?
  3. How tall are you?
  4. What material do you like best?


All these are queries set up for customers to help them buy clothing customized to their needs. A service chatbot might have questions such as:

  1. How may we help you?
  2. What was the date of your purchase?
  3. Can you enter your Order ID?
  4. Are you looking for a replacement or a refund?

The best part is that these can be configured to work when you are offline as well. When the queries is complex then the customer is routed to the contact centre to chat to a service agent.

More Profitability

According to Super Office, it has been found that a company’s order value goes up by 10% because of live chat software. Additionally, increased conversion rate and higher revenues have been reported in varying degrees after chat software was implemented. Moreover, most complaints and issues get resolved within a few minutes when it is done via live chat. All these statistics point to one bottom line and this is more profit for the company.

All in all, it makes perfect sense to make use of chat software for your website using CRM functionalities to better help your business’s service support. Learn more by taking a Kapture demo today!

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