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An e-commerce platform, especially in today’s times, needs to be proactive to stay in trend and a popular choice. Consumers move on faster than you think. Being ever-relevant online is a must. Social media has become a new stage where people judge a brand. To stay in the game, you have to be active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to promote your brand regularly and periodically. Apart from selling products and offering services, marketing is the third front to be covered meticulously. And one way to manage all three effectively is using e-commerce CRM solutions.

How to Get Started?

To keep customers engaged, it is imperative to learn what they are interested in. consumer interests change based on new trends and current moods. To stay updated with this is a job in itself. The ideal way to go about it is to collect customer feedback by:

Conducting Online Polls: Finding out the likes and preferences of consumers using polls on social media is a surefire way to learn what the current trend holds. This way you can scale your business to provide for exactly that right away.

Announcing Giveaways: People love free stuff, by holding giveaway events, you can easily find out the opinions of consumers in general. It is surely a popular method of gaining insight into customer trends.

Gathering Customer Feedback: Collecting feedback from existing customers about products sold or services rendered is the best way of seeing your brand from an outsider’s point of view. This is essential to any business.

Offering Promotions: During holidays and other special times, it can do well for your brand to offer promo codes and discount codes for purchases. Such freebies and offers can attract a lot of traffic to your business.


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Implementing the Right Marketing Strategy:

Email is the go-to marketing platform for every brand. Email can be a powerful tool for lead generation and also lead conversion. The traditional cold-calling has long been forgotten as users do not like being disturbed by marketing calls. However, using the right CRM for e-commerce companies, you can schedule email blasts to customers to interest them in what you have to offer.

Using e-commerce help desk support, you can let customers know how you can help. Your business and our brand are what matter and by addressing concerns from customers, you can make them feel important. All of this is only possible by ensuring that you have a brand that resonates with what customers want. Ever-Present social media coverage of offers and promos, dealing with customers the proper way and never giving up on quality are key things to keep in mind. But if you do not let your customers know what you can offer, you will remain behind.

CRM can change the way you conduct business. Sales and service definitely take precedence but its marketing possibilities cannot be overlooked. Using automated marketing, you can keep customers interested over a period of time. The best part is you can reach hundreds of thousands of customers based on any parameter (age, zone, location, etc.) you want. Marketing your business can help you make great strides and ensure growth in quick time, so the ball is in your court now.

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