Cloud-based CRM

A business has two main components – sales and service. If you want to remain competitive in the long run, it is advisable to focus equally on both. Your relationship with a customer does not end once a sale has been made. It goes way beyond that. Customer retention is key to building trust and goodwill in the industry. So, if you want your customers to come back to you, they need to know that they can trust you. If there is no customer support after sales, then the customers will go another way. A good way to handle both modules of your business is to implement a CRM strategy. More specifically, a cloud-based CRM. Why do you ask? Here is why:

Ease of Access

In this day and age of web applications, it makes no sense to install heavy software on your computer. A cloud-based CRM system is quite easy to access, almost as easy as logging into your email account. The best part is that you can use any computer and browser to use your CRM. This allows for easy distribution to employees and agents. A unified dashboard brings you all actions in one place, be it your daily plan, reports, leads, tickets and so on.

Secure & Safe

It is imperative that your work is safe and data confidential. Choosing a cloud makes all your data highly secure using its end-to-end encryption. A CRM ensures your sales process, right from the lead stage to deal closure is only accessible to you and your team and no one else. The possibilities of a CRM are endless but the important thing is convenience and security.


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The sales and service cloud CRM gives you more power than you knew was available. You can integrate with social media apps and have cloud telephony API for calls. You can give your customers the option to communicate with you through the channel of their choosing. A CRM is well-equipped to handle all communications from all kinds of sources, be it email, chat, call and social media.

Advanced Automation

Automating processes saves you time and increases productivity. The CRM tracks and records all processes and gives you logs of all activities. Apart from this, new interactions are stored and then directed to relevant departments. You can set response times for leads or tickets and if they go unanswered, the escalation matrix directs it one level further. This is to make sure that productivity remains intact.

Better Reporting

With multiple report formats, you can get accounts of literally everything that happens in your business. Sales, service, productivity, time is taken, location-based, zone-based, customer growth chart and many such reports can be generated according to your will. This is necessary to get a bigger picture of your business.
Choosing the right kind of customer relationship management software is essential to the proper growth of the business. With Kapture CRM, you can reduce the risk of errors, increase productivity, streamline all processes using the sales funnel and also reduce costs. All this will only contribute to higher revenue and make for an easier work process.


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