Cruise Booking Software

Cruises are the best tourist attractions, especially for those who seek a weekend of solemn fun. There is also enough fun and frolic and the view from the ship is something to look forward to. However, the same cannot be translated to the ones arranging the cruise. Companies who offer cruise packages have to work hard to ensure that a tour is a big hit. And this is to be maintained for every cruise. But there is no need to panic because all you need to make your work simpler is the best cruise management software.

The next question you will want to be answered is how to find the best. Well, that is not something to be worried about. Here is a guide that will tell you to want you should look for in any CRM software for cruises.

1. Booking Management

As you know, your cruise business will have hundreds or even thousands of enquiries every week. A lot of interested customers will want to know more about the details of the holiday tours and logistics and itinerary A CRM application offers a complete booking management solution that will let you stay on top of all bookings. You can know the status of bookings and make changes or updates directly from the app. Moreover, you can confirm or reject bookings on the spot without the help of third-party software.


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2. Tariff & Pricing

Any good cruise booking software will surely give the option to enter the pricing details of your tours and trips on the platform. Maintaining your tariff is essential because this allows you to instantly forward particular pricing details to relevant customers. Additionally, you can create a customised price plan and dynamic pricing option for specific customers with add-ons and special requests. A CRM that helps you achieve all this is the one to seek.

3. Third-party APIs

There are many instances where customers use online travel agent websites to make their bookings. That is their prerogative and you should be accommodating about that. Therefore, a cruise booking engine for travel agents is what will help you organise bookings better. Integration with third-party travel sites can help you get all the bookings on your CRM. Not just this, other API integrations for calls and emails and social media can allow you to post or reply from the CRM directly instead of individually logging into different platforms.

4. Service Support

Apart from leads and bookings, service plays a huge role in any business. CRM software is typically dual-faced with sales and service modules. Having a helpdesk to offer faster resolutions to your customers will make your business well-reputed. Live chat, email, phone, social media or any other source can be the origin of a ticket. Every time an existing customer makes a request for clarification or raises a complaint, your service agents can get to it immediately. Resolving and closing the tickets in real quick time is the paragon of customer service.

5. Reporting Options

One of the best uses of CRM software is its reporting capabilities. On the cruise reservation system, you can generate hundreds of different kinds of reports based on your requirements. Learning sales figures, finding out ticket closure times, tracking employee performance – it has them all. Detailed reports help you get insight on what can be done better in the future so you have a sustainable business for the years to come.

These are some of the features that you need to run a cruise business using a CRM application. There are multiple benefits to having a CRM system in place, least of which are the aforementioned capabilities. After proper homework, you can arrive at the one that works best for you. Get on it right away.


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