Top 5 Factors that shape Customer Satisfaction

factors that influence customer satisfaction

I strongly believe that the phrase “The first impression is the last impression” must have been coined by a customer service employee which eventually went on to become the mantra for every organization. The key to any successful business is “The customer is always right” but it takes more than a pleasant conversation to influence a customer’s decision on whether to leave or come back to you. You may have the best employees and the most premium technology, but it takes one mere complaint to make things go haywire. It takes proper strategy and regular development to build a loyal customer base.

As research conducted by Forrester suggests, “71% of connected consumers felt negatively toward brands when they encountered inconsistent experiences; and 10% said those inconsistencies would make them stop interacting with a brand altogether.”

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In This Article, We Discuss 5 Factors Responsible for Customer Satisfaction.

    1. Employees
    2. The Waiting Time
    3. Understanding the Customer
    4. Updated Technology
    5. Focus on what you have got




It is an intuitive idea that employee engagement drives customer satisfaction to soaring heights. They act as the first points-of-contact between your company and the clients. A happy employee will keep the customers satisfied, leading them to believe in the company’s product. If employees are unhappy at work, they will not go above-and-beyond for a customer. Colloquy believes, “Customer retention rates are 18% higher on average when employees are highly engaged.” Hence, in order to strengthen your client’s faith in your organization, you need to focus on your employees’ happiness first.

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The Waiting Time:

Time is money, and as a service organization, you need to make your customer’s time worthwhile. When the deliverables miss their scheduled timing, it raises a red flag to the customer. Consider a restaurant: If a dish takes more time than usual to come out of the kitchen, it is bound to leave the customer annoyed or maybe even head out of the place. Similar is the case in point. According to Harris Interactive, “75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.” If you are offering a live service (phone/chat), it is imperative to respond in 2 minutes or less, otherwise, you are left with an unhappy customer. When customers are counting on your service, they won’t entertain excuses.

Understanding the customer:

understanding the customer


If customers know that a company cares, and is not just a money-squeezing-profit-making machine, they will know that they are in good hands. The kind of campaigns you run decide the number of people that will be influenced. A humanized approach strikes the right chord in the customer’s mind. When a customer is investing in your product, he/she has the right to give feedback. If the changes are implemented, they will know that their opinion matters and they will stick with you for a long time.

Updated Technology:

In the present day and age, it’s not just the Kardashians you should be keeping up with. Instead, focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or application software that helps you keep up with the latest technology to add to the consumer’s experience while decreasing manual labour. There is no alternative to swift technology, especially with cut-throat competition in the market. In 2016, Appetitive found that “66% of companies that saw a decrease in customer loyalty over the past year did not have a Mobile CRM App.” This shows how far you have to go to stay in the game.

Focus on what you’ve got:

Acquiring new customers might seem like the primary aim in order to construct a client base. But, the linchpin is not the number of customers, it is the quality. As published in a blog by Invesp, “Repeat buyers spend 33% more than new ones, and just 20% of existing customers account for 80% of a company’s future profits.” Hence, repetition in the case of customers is a good thing for your organization. Even spending on loyalty programs helps in retaining devoted customers.

Keeping customers happy and satisfied is not rocket science. The paramount thing to remember is keeping the quality intact; whether it is your product or your service; and what follows is a better relationship.

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge about your customers is a superpower. If you learn how to practice foresight and provide consumers with what they want, you will always stay a step ahead in the game. One of customer satisfaction factors is a go-to database to your agents which inculcates them in areas they are unsure about; a guided setup which gives them further insight into the customer’s mind. Automated response systems, like Kapture’s, will help you shave precious seconds off of response times. The customers will be extra happy with the speedy response and resolution to their queries. At the end of the day, CRM for customer satisfaction is the solution and you know it.


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  1. An organisation’s employees represent its customers’ first impression; the ultimate point of contact. Measuring engagement, customer retention, satisfactions and other key metric is important to achieving a loyal customer base. However, in their efforts to acquire new customers, companies shouldn’t ignore existing ones as they generate most of their profits and a plan to differentiate them is important to ensure they are handled appropriately.

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