Tips to Keep Your Travel Management Software Up to Date

It’s common knowledge that a travel agency functions in chaos every day. Time is of the essence and there isn’t enough of it any time. Keeping up with schedules, managing bookings and ensuring proper logistics to passengers can be quite a bit of a headache. If you have the right kind of travel-management software to make your work simpler, that is smart. However, it always comes down to quality and not quantity. If you cannot manage your work effortlessly, then you are clearly missing a trick. You need to stay competitive in this cut-throat market and catch up with trends so that you aren’t left behind. Ensuring proper quality and seamless transactions are what CRMs are supposed to offer. If you are not achieving that, it is time to optimise your CRM software.

Questions to ask if you want your software to be up to date:

Is All Your Data Updated?

The first and foremost thing is to clear outdated stuff and old data. Past reports which are no longer relevant, travel logs that aren’t required anymore and past data that requires more space need to go. You should probably delete old email templates as well. This allows you to focus on creating new templates for email campaigns. A CRM which has customisable templates and email lists is the best option. Likewise, custom reports can also help you get detailed, accurate reports that will give you a clear picture of where your travel business stands. Choose the right travel agency software available in the Philippines for the best results.


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Are You Getting More Out of Your CRM?

An ideal travel CRM system gives you multi-channel support; this means you receive bookings via calls, chat, email and even social media sites. It goes without saying, that a CRM can also team up with online travel agents who will act as partner sites and bring in more bookings for you to handle on the CRM itself. If your travel CRM & booking management system is unable to do that, it is time you seriously considered upgrading to a better and more robust system. Also, you should expect features such as smart ticketing and live chat not to mention an escalation matrix set up for tickets. You need to ensure that your customers get better service and faster responses and a good service module can help you with that.

What Is the Right Way Forward?

You need to ask yourself this question every so often or else you will be stuck with complacent systems that cannot offer more basic operative functions. What you need is a travel management system that can automate all processes for you, right from enquiries to tickets. It also helps that you can have a single dashboard as a point of contact so that your communications can become far simpler than before. Last but not least, it is imperative that you have a secure cloud server so that you never lose any of your data.

Until you find the right travel CRM, you need to be on the look. Never settle for anything other than the best.


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