Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is a word that is thrown around a lot. Of course, it means “every channel” in the literal sense but can you market through every channel literally? First off, let’s differentiate between multichannel and omnichannel.

Multichannel starts from the company and moves outwards to other channels and then reaches the user.

Omnichannel starts with the customer and then reaches the company via different channels.
Multichannel marketing is where the company is the centre point. The core message revolves around what the company does and wants. Omnichannel marketing is focused on the customer, and it adapts to the user’s needs.

Omnichannel support is more directly and thoroughly marketed as compared to multichannel marketing. Multichannel marketing is basically equivalent to sending out promotional flyers or emails and hoping for a response. Though that is something that every brand does, omnichannel marketing involves various channels for a single customer.


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For Example, a Typical Omnichannel Marketing Trail:

I.  The user subscribes to the company’s mailing list.
II.  The company sends a welcome message and a first-time discount code via SMS & Email.
III.  Customer opens SMS link and browses for items and adds the item to cart.
IV.  The company sends Push Notifications about the deal on selected products.
V.  Customer revisits product page, makes the purchase and subscribes to Facebook updates.
VI.  The company sends order updates via Facebook Messenger.

So, in the above example, it starts with a customer subscribing to company Emails. Then, he/she gets a text via SMS and receives offers via Push Notifications. After getting offer codes, he/she gets updates about the order on Facebook Messenger.

One can substitute one channel for another at any stage and it would still be feasible. That is the beauty of omnichannel marketing which is made possible by omnichannel CRM software. The right way forward is to collate all data and recognise trends. See if customers prefer one channel to another. Live chat systems have seen a meteoric rise towards being the most popular. However, you can only know by finding out more from the customers themselves.

Gathering valuable feedback from specific user groups can help you make a proper decision on the right target sample. The service CRM solution is a benefit to taking advantage of. It lets you compile lists and gives you numbers on the most responsive channels. Based on such lists, you can run campaigns on certain channels for different groups. To foster business growth, utilising your strengths and playing to the advantage is something that everyone does, and so should you.

Explore what a service CRM can bring to you with its omnichannel properties. Testing samples after samples until you hit the right note is definitely going to help. What is true is, without an omnichannel platform, you cannot hope to sustain your brand for long. Customers want convenience, speed of service, easy access and faster resolutions. All of this is only possible if you can stay active on all channels at the same time. Having an active presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will surely help. What the need of the hour is to engage with customers on a personal level so you can provide them with a seamless experience throughout the transaction.


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