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Every company’s primary motive – sales – is always the driving force for growth. Higher turnover and in turn more revenue remains the goal to achieve year after year. Why should you be any different? It makes sense to become a bigger brand with each passing year. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, is it? Well, it could be. Say hello to sales CRM – a system that can help you reach new heights without too much effort. The key feature of a CRM is automation. Automating all your routine tasks will leave your agents more time to attend to closing their deals with more focus. So, what does a sales management CRM help you with?

Managing Leads and Enquiries

Lead management is an essential part of the business. A CRM lets you have full control of your leads. A single dashboard shows you the status of all the leads whether they are pending or unassigned or processed. Whenever there is a new enquiry, the sales team gets notified and the lead is automatically assigned to an agent, who is free to pursue it. The CRM handles this process of automatically assigning leads based on experience, rank and ability. You can also set it to assign leads based on priority, location, zone, etc.

Following the Sales Funnel

One of the featured qualities of the sales management app is sales funnel. It is basically a pipeline of the sales process. You can follow the journey of a lead on the CRM platform, making it unnecessary to rely on others to find information at any point of time. What really takes the cake is you can view the status of a lead or enquiry and follow its trail right from acquisition to completion.


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Reporting progress

Sales management software bring with them the ability to generate reports in hundreds of different formats. Custom reports, too, can be created by filling in the necessary parameters. Weekly, monthly and yearly reports based on productivity, sales figures, lead conversion and so on. All reports help you gain foresight over your sales activities and help you know what you near future looks like.

Increasing overall productivity

All in all, CRM is what will help you increase productivity in your workplace. You can save a lot of time training your employees by setting up KMS and LMS in your sales cloud software. This makes for better sales numbers because your sales agents get well equipped. Innovative automations take care of routine tasks, saving time for more important stuff. Implementing CRM is a win in every way.

Using a sales CRM is surely a necessity in today’s times. Adopting technology into your workplace is inevitable so it is better it you do it with open arms. If you are in the market for a great CRM which offers omnichannel support, cloud storage, automated tasks, you should surely check out Kapture CRM. Click here for a free trial today.

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