Customer support operations

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, businesses across the globe are opting to run their operations remotely. This is an effective and necessary measure needed to protect employees and reduce the containment of the pandemic.

Rest easy knowing that your contact center team can easily work from home and attend to all the incoming queries and tickets without any hassle or extra costs. All they would require are: the right CRM tools, an internet connection and a mobile device/ headset.

Kapture CRM lets you manage your essential customer support operations from anywhere, at any time without compromising on productivity or security.

It is possible for you to run your contact center from your living room within a short notice period easily. Incoming tickets (calls, emails, chat, and social media) can be routed to agents using a cloud-based CRM solution. This allocation can be done on the basis on rules/ triggers that are unique to your business. For example, tickets can be allocated based on agent availability, source of ticket, query type, etc. Support agents can use their log in ID to log in to the CRM and attend to tickets from their home.


Remote customer support operations

It is easy for team leads to track their agents’ performance and monitor the SLAs remotely using the several reports and analytics that are made available through CRM platforms. These include ‘ticket ageing report’, ‘hourly ticket dashboard’, ‘agent productivity report’. More reports can be configured to the dashboard based on your business needs and goals.

You can follow the below suggestions to ensure your support teams are functioning well remotely.

  • Better communication flow: Communication is an important aspect of all business operations. Communicating the daily queue targets and the ways to achieve them can help your support agents greatly. In addition to this, team leaders are encourages to engage their subordinates and motivate them to work better. This could include a simple “start performer” of the day or a morning huddle.


  • Give your team the right tools: Make sure your support agents have access to all the software systems that are necessary for them to attend to customers. Some of the important tools they need include CRM, web conference application and data management software. This lets them handle their daily routine in an efficient manner.


  • Define the performance metrics: As a manager or a team lead, you might be worried that there could be a drop in performance when your agents are working from home. However, there is no need to worry. You can prevent this by establishing clear, well-defined quantifiable metrics. For instance, the number of hours that the agent has to work for or the number of calls that they need to attend. Conducting regular review sessions is advisable as well.


  • Knowledge base: Having a centralized knowledge base can help your agents refer to the necessary information. This will help them resolve the issue faster.


  • Set up data security policies: Data security is an utmost crucial aspect of all businesses. You can ensure your support teams are attending to customers remotely without compromising on security. Establish clear security rules, regulations and make sure you communicate them with your employees properly. You can equip your team with necessary privacy tools, a secure browser and so on.


Kapture CRM offers a cloud-based solution that can streamline your sales and customer support processes easily. Reach out to us today and request for a free trial!

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