Call Centre Processes

A call centre is a busy workspace. All call agents deal with hundreds of calls each day, providing customer support to the best of their abilities. If you are in the call centre business, for you it is much more than just answering calls on the telephone. The number of processes that run in the background is hard to keep track of unless you are already familiar with call centre CRM software. Apart from calls being made or received, the CRM can help you collate data and formulate reports. Not only this, you can make your agents’ jobs easier by automating most tasks. A single dashboard lets you manage tickets and issues from all the channels on the CRM. You can customise your dashboard to include the features you use the most.

If you want your call centre to turn out better numbers and if you want to increase the productivity of your agents, you need to adopt the ideal CRM strategy. That includes doing things you haven’t done before.

1. Make Use of CRM Across Departments

Firstly, if you want the best out of your call centre system software, you have to use it in every department at your company so that your whole work engine runs well-oiled. It also brings about uniformity and more compatibility in the workplace, which would be missing if you used different systems for different processes. What a CRM does is bring all-round support so that you perform multiple different actions from one place. Convenience and ease of usage are key points that can make your company more customer-friendly.


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2. Set Proper Targets to Achieve

With proper CRM implementation, you can finally set proper plans of actions. Setting targets and tracking each agent’s performance is much easier on the CRM application. You can even set dynamic targets based on every agent’s individual ability to create an even playing field. Without having a proper grip on your employees’ daily activities, it is impossible to grow as a business.

3. Streamline Customer Data

Outbound call management and inbound call management are both essential to a call centre. Things such as call quality, duration and customer satisfaction play huge roles in determining whether you are on the right track. Using the call centre CRM, you can get all such data automatically every time a call is answered or made. A thing to be noted is that all data is stored on a secure cloud-server with proper encryption so you do not have to worry about data loss. Once you have all customer data, you can provide even better support to your customers.

4. Evaluate Performance Regularly

One of the underrated features of a CRM system is the ability to track and record performances to form reports. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly reports can be created using any custom parameters that you want. Once you know how your agents are performing, you can formulate better plans for them in the upcoming weeks. Reports allow you to take a step back and look at the big picture, which is more necessary than you think. Realising where you go wrong can also be beneficial towards business growth.


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