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You don’t have a lot of time to invest in training your new employees and you want to speed up your training process. The best way to achieve this win-win situation is to simply invest in a knowledge base. To answer your agent’s needs immediately, the most cost-effective option would be to invest in a knowledge management service portal. Before we go ahead and learn in-depth about knowledge management software, let’s have a basic understanding of it.

What’s a Knowledge Base System? Why Is It Important?

A knowledge management software is a central repository which holds information that can be organised, stored, and used for future use. Your employees can access this information and find solutions for their concerns they have regarding the product or service.

Your knowledge base can include frequently asked questions, guides, manuals, updates regarding the product, and more. This acts as a 24/7 help desk solution but only when it is implemented right. Also, helps in reducing your support reps time in answering or resolving minor issues and letter then concentrate on solving more complex problems.

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How to Create a Knowledge-Based System?

Creating a well-versed knowledge base system might sound difficult. The structure, the content, the solutions – everything should be organised. How can you achieve that? By creating a strategy. Here are some tips you could apply when you create your knowledge base for your company.

Create a Structure for Everyone to Follow

A standard step to take would be to create a structure or a format on how to post the content. When multiple people contribute to your knowledge system, a template or a structure would help everyone stay on the same page. Structuring the content will not just help you organize the information, but it also helps your employees navigate better.

Cover All the Topics

There’s no point in having a knowledge base system if there is no content. Also, know that no information is better than half the information. Sharing half solution or wrong solution will create a bad customer service experience. You need to know sure your knowledge management software covers all the bases and has the correct information.

Keep All Your Teams Connected

The people with the most information about your customers is the customer service team. They talk to your customers every day. They know all the problems your customers go through daily. So you know what is most asked question. But sometimes, your customers have specific problems. When such specific questions arise, you’ll need the help of that concerned team. Involving all your teams will help you cover most of the problems faced by your customers. This will help the customer support team to cover all the bases.

Keep Your Content Simple and Interesting

Sometimes, your new employees don’t understand your jargons. Keeping the language and the content simple will help them understand better and they wouldn’t take the pain to reach out to their reporting managers to help them resolve their queries. Also, adding creative visual content helps in understanding the solution better. You can add How-to videos, tutorials or cover other educational topics.

Keep Your Knowledge Base Updated

Not updating your knowledge base will create chaos for your employees. If your knowledge base doesn’t update for ages, it will look like you’re an amateur in the business and you will have to sit down and train your newbies. Even when other employees want some information, not having a knowledge base management system will delay their answers which in turn reduces their productivity. To make sure you’re up to date, you need to ensure all the required information has been updated to your knowledge base.


As easy as it is to create a knowledge base, it doesn’t mean that you don’t require planning to get started off with. If you’re creating a knowledge base make sure you are keeping your information consistent and the information is delivering the required solution. Using the aforementioned tips, build efficient and cost-effective knowledge management software. The knowledge base doesn’t have to be a general. You can create a team specific knowledge base – like sales knowledge management software just for your sales team. Create a successful and empowering tool with the tips mentioned above.


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