How a CRM solution can scale your hospitality or hotel enterprise 

 CRM Solution Can Scale Your Hotel Enterprise

Running a hotel or a franchise or multiple hotels can prove to be a very stressful and expensive task if managed manually. But don’t worry, Kapture CRM offers a set of feature-rich tools that can scale your hotel operations easily. Understanding your prospects and personalizing your communication with them can drastically improve your capability to build loyalty and expand your business.

Kapture CRM offers an end-to-end solution that can help you increase and manage your leads, communicate and serve your customers better. Let’s dig in and explore the benefits of using a hotel management CRM solution.

  • Central repository: Kapture CRM facilitates systematic classification of customer data. As a result, a central customer data repository is created. This ensures your hotel staff gets all the data required to deliver tailored services. For instance, your hotel’s help desk staff can view bookings for a single guest across hotel locations and ensure their preferences are known to other employees.


  • Consolidated customer view: Capture each customer interaction, transaction and customer experience using a CRM solution. All the stored customer data can be viewed and accessed by your hotel staff on a single dashboard. A holistic customer view also furnishes hotels with better and more opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell and build overall rapport.


  • Better customer support: Integrating all your customer interaction channels and sources into your CRM software can help you cater better to your customer requests and complaints. Whether it is a third-party site or your own website, you can instantly respond to the requests and complaints made by your customers. Moreover, you can get all the reviews and feedbacks of your customers in one place and also auto assign the tasks to respective agents or departments to streamline the process.


  • Efficient automations: With a CRM solution in place, you don’t have to waste time generating detailed invoices and typing quotations every time you close a deal or a room is booked. Kapture can generate automated quotations and invoices based on your needs and data, which is recorded and stored in a central location as well. In addition to quotations, sales calls, ticketing and data management processes can be automated as well.


  • Manage your enquiries: A CRM solution makes enquiry management a whole lot easier. No matter which channel you get the enquiries from, you can manage and revert back to all the enquiries instantly. Additionally, you can manage follow-ups and assign tasks easily.

Here are some of the CRM tools that can help you navigate through your sales and support processes:

  • Communications tools and capabilities
  • Sales and prospecting tools – live chat, E-mail etc.
  • Survey tools
  • Ticketing tools

Kapture CRM offers state-of-the-art CRM features and capabilities that can scale your hotel business.

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