5G data technology is being hailed as a big game-changer in fields such as marketing, sales, and customer service. With 5G you can have huge opportunities to build enterprise value in your business operations and make customer support blazing fast. Given that mobile phones will soon become the most preferred devices for communication, it is imperative to optimize mobile elements of all software.

Let us look at how you, as a business, can offer better support to a user with 5G data.


Scenario 1: Live Chat Customer Service

Your customer (equipped with 5G technology) is waiting on the other end and you are tending to him/her. While earlier, you would offer troubleshooting options or websites with FAQs or even links to demo videos for a fix or solution, now you can actually upload a How-to video in the chat window to demonstrate the right solution for the customer’s problem.

Now, this is only viable with high speed data and 5G takes care of that. With instant streaming of a video, the customer will be able to know how to fix an issue he or she is facing. Moreover, instead of the regular back and forth, you can provide instant resolutions more often than before.


Scenario 2: Augmented Reality Sales

Since the latency period on 5G is down to 1 millisecond from say, 20-40 milliseconds on 4G, there is an onus on businesses to capitalize on this. You can offer customers an augmented reality and virtual reality view of products. For example, furniture can be placed within a person’s home virtually to see if it fits or goes with the decor. This would make buying that much more exciting for consumers.

Alternatively, the fashion industry can benefit hugely from AR and VR sales. Clothes, shoes, glasses, watches and many such accessories can be augmented to give customers a more personalized experience. This is only possible with 5G technology because in the current scenario, it is difficult to make it feasible.


Scenario 3: Marketing

With smart homes becoming more and more common in the future, people will have many devices connected via 5G. Phones, computers, television sets, security systems, refrigerators, lighting, etc. will have one common user. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for users to get simple tasks at home automated. From a business perspective, faster data communication between devices means that marketers will have access to real-time analytics. So, it becomes possible to optimize and tweak marketing campaigns with real-time tracking using AI and marketing automation.

For example, a customer making an online purchase can be targeted with ads for related items, accessories, and upgrades. Because of informed, real-time analytics they will no longer receive ads for what they have already purchased.

All of this and more is viable by adopting a sophisticated CRM platform approach with mobile CRM software being maintained as a priority. Though 5G technology has its challenges and it will be quite some time before we can think about implementing big things, it is safe to say that technology will evolve and bring with it bigger and more significant possibilities with it…

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