CRM features that can help in marketing campaigns

You have a brilliant product. It fits well everywhere. But, how would you reach out to the right set of audience? You need to market the product. How can you do that? Here are a few ways.

Social Media Marketing

The world practically lives on social media today. Most of the companies try to connect with their customers via social media because of the high user engagement rate. Different marketing campaigns are run, leads are generated, leads are sent across to sales agents, they get in touch with the prospects, and then the deals are closed. If it’s a huge company, then these social media platforms can be implemented with customer management software so that when a lead is generated or probably a customer raises an issue on your social platform, they can be collected on a unified dashboard. This will help you organize your sales and service process.


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Email Marketing

The basic requirement to have a social media account is an email ID. Everybody uses E-mail. Today, an Email ID is like an identification proof. You can send mails in bulk to your target audience. You can shoot multiple emails or create a drip campaign to market your product to your audience. It helps you send emails in bulk to your audience. You can also schedule a series or a set of mails to be sent. Automation of small tasks like this can be done with the help of customer management software. In addition to that, you can also track how many of them have been going through the mails.


Sometimes emails go unnoticed. So the backup that can be used here is SMS marketing. Everyone checks their messages no matter what work they have that day. SMS marketing is a fail-safe method of marketing. With the help of customer relationship management software, even SMS marketing can be automated.


These were a few ways of marketing your product to the right set of audience and the right way to connect with your customer. There are many more methods like offline marketing, mouth-to-mouth marketing, and much more. With the world going digital and online, the best way to connect with them is through digital communication.


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