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The first and foremost stage of a sales cycle is Lead Generation. The strategies that are formed in generating leads will result in a business’s revenue. The quality of the leads makes a lot of difference as it would matter to the sales cycle of the business. Lead generation in simple terms is the collection of a database with the basic details of prospective customers.

To create interest or to attract a potential customer, a business will make a marketing or sales funnel that will work for them. This will explain the journey of a customer in buying a product.

Let’s talk about small and medium-sized businesses and their expenditure budget would be a lot lesser than big companies. Their lead-generation strategies will have to be done with a budget in mind. Their delivery targets will be higher and will effectively let them achieve this into lead nurturing. Creating an effective sales funnel will help in directing potential customers into it.


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A lowdown into some of the strategies that can be constructive and useful as a Lead Generation Platform for small and medium-sized businesses:

1. Attaching Call-To-Actions

Commonly known as CTAs, these are designed to attract people/customers to a website or an app. It should make a customer move towards the urgency of it and this could be a sale offer that expires in a couple of hours. This could be considered as a form of Online Lead Management as CTAs are expected to bring in potential leads to your website.
Example: This offer expires in the next 12 hours

CTAs can also be in the form of brochures, pamphlets, mailers, catalogues and more. A customer goes through an offer or pitch that’s proposed in a CTA and moves ahead with it. For an online offer, you can ask the customer to sign up with the basic contact details and there you go, a new lead!

2. Exit-Intent Popup

This can be set up with 10-15 minutes. The exit-intent popup is helpful in tracking down a customer’s activity on your website. When they try to exit the website, an offer or opt-in form will appear on their screen. A lot of customers decide to choose either one of them and a lead is generated through this tool.

It is a cost-effective method for lead generation and large companies have been depending on this excellent marketing strategy. This method can be followed when customers don’t complete their shopping orders and abandon their cart mid-way or leaving the shopping pages without purchasing.

3. Add Guest Blogs

This indirect method of lead generation is said to increase your web traffic by leaps and bounds. Bloggers depend on this very often and thus, introduce new prospects to the solutions offered. Some useful tips before you take up the idea of guest blogging:

• Providing engaging content on the topic you focus on
• Post these blogs on websites that focus on a specific topic
• This said blog owner should be extremely active on social media

4. Genuine Testimonials of Customers

When a business decides to talk about their product success, it may or may not ring a bell. When a verified customer does that, the genuine factor is high. Nothing makes a bigger difference than hearing it from customers. When regular or a new customer gets back to you with positive feedback over mail, social media, chat make sure you use it as a testimonial on your website.

Potential leads can differ from their interests and choices and understanding that is important. Engaging in open feedback forums on multiple platforms will build the trust people have in your brand as well. Another important tip to be taken seriously would be making use of a good Online Lead Management Software which will help in automating the process for your business.

Checking on your leads regularly will make a large impact on Sales Lead Management of your business. Systematically working towards that will ensure a better conversion rate as well.


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